Scrapbook Layout Ideas
by: Lindsay Allyn
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Scrapbook Layout Ideas

Too many pics? Use a sectioned page protector to quickly add several photos to one page. Decorate a couple pieces of cardstock to fill a hole to two to keep it more "scrapbook-y"
Layout #1:
Too Many Pictures, Not Enough Room

Have several shots you love of one thing? Display them in a photo strip look!
Layout #2:
Loving the Photostrip Look

Capture the perspective of the stars of your page.
Layout #3:
A Witchy Perspective

Make your page title into an embellishment!
Layout #4:
More than a Page Title

Try enhancing the look of your page by giving photo and journaling mats extra layers or layering with embellishments!
Layout #5:
The Little Touches

Have loved ones that can't make it for the holidays? "Include" them in pics by taking photos of other family members talking to them on the phone or reading their letters!
Layout #6:
Letters from Loved Ones

Make a dramatic page in monotones to accent a favorite picture!
Layout #7:
Make It Monochromatic

Choose a color in your photograph to accent and use paper and embellishments in that shade to subtly make someone (or something) be stand out and be the focus of the page.
Layout #8:
Princess in Purple

Pick up some souvenirs on your last vacation? Snap some photos of them for your scrapbook to remember the occasion!
Layout #9:

Make tag embellishments for practically nothing with scraps from  your project and use them for decoration and journaling!
Layout #10:
Tag Trick

Make a tree with paper scraps! Sort out several "green" scraps in different shades and use a small leaf punch or die to cut out a bunch. (I wanted a TV show to pass the time -- this tree took about 20 minutes.) Cut a trunk from a brown scrap and layer your leaves together in the shapes of branches!
Layout #11:
Jungle Adventure
Tell short stories about your trip with handmade "postcards".
Layout #12: Journaling on Postcards
Use blinged out decorative tape as borders around text or picture mats!
Borders are a great way to transition between paper/textures.
Stamp the corners or sides of some white cardstock with a coordinating stamp and mount on a background for a custom journaling block.
Create an updated "Polaroid" look by layering white cardstock onto printed paper. Add your own "banner" by cutting a strip of scrap paper, first into a rectangle, then snip a triangle out of one side, and layer with text.
Leave room for a couple of larger, 8" x 10" pictures, especially if the event to be featured in the book involves a professional photographer -- like a wedding!
Don't forget to leave plenty of room for journaling and other memorabilia! Layered mats are great ways to feature both of these. And don't be afraid to decorate them with embellishments or stamps!
Include a page or two that isn't pre-titled so the recipient can create their own title or use it as overflow from another page that couldn't fit all the great pictures!
Have a little fun with different layout styles. As long as all your paper coordinates, you can change up the layouts quite a bit and they will still look great together! Try to keep away from using a similar layout over and over. Keep each page turn interesting with a fresh look.
Layer, layer, layer! Have you ever thought you had all the pieces you want from a page, but when you put it together, it just looks a little flat? You'd be amazed at how much a little layering can help!
Dress up solid pages with borders cut from leftover bits of printed paper from your project. Overlay borders with additional layers, embellishments or other textures.
Have a sticker that looks too plain on a page? Adhere it to a coordinating piece of paper and add a decorative frame around the edge to go from "plain sticker" to "beautiful embellishment".
If you're giving a book at an event like a wedding or birthday, consider adding your invitation to the inside cover. Not only does it tell the details (what the event is honoring, time and place, etc.) it also gives the person who sent it out a artistic copy to cherish forever!
Need to catch up on your scrapbooking or just want to find that perfect, unique gift for a special occasion? Consider our Premade Scrapbooks -- all the reward with almost no effort! These books arrive ready-to-go, and include a journaling pen and adhesive to add pictures! Customize your book as much or as little as you want, and we'll create a one of a kind scrapbook that will be treasured for generations to come. Our premade books start at $150. 

More of a Do-It-Yourself-er?  Use the pictures below as inspiration to make your own! Feel free to "Pin" all the pages on Pinterest to save for later or share! (Thanks in advance for sharing!!! <3 )

​Here's a few more ideas from some of our past projects:
"Our Wedding"
Pre-made Album

This featured Wedding Album is a one of a kind creation, as are all of our traditional style scrapbooks. Premade wedding albums make such wonderful gifts. The "just add pictures and journaling" style is perfect for the busy couple who wants a lovely scrapbook to capture the memories from their big day but don't have the time (or interest) to make one.

Whether you're making or buying a ready-to-go scrapbook, here's a few things to keep in mind. 

-Order or create a scrapbook that fits the occassion. Is it a formal wedding? Casual? Tailor the book to the event and design a layout that starts to tell the story before the pictures are even added. This will make it easy for the recipient to know right where to put their favorite pictures from the event.

-Create a few pages that aren't titled and have room for several pictures and journaling. You never know what might happen and the bride and groom might have fun "making it their own" by adding a page of their own theme, or choose to use it as overflow from a page that they couldn't narrow down their photo choices enough. 

-If you want to make your own but you're not sure where to begin, start with buying a paper stack in the colors you're looking for. Next buy an album that matches, adhesive if you aren't well stocked, and some embellishments.  If you're on a budget, consider making your own embellishments, or just pick up a few sets of store-bought embellishments.  You can mix and match the store-bought embellishments with handmade decorations made from the paper stack and still create a cohesive design that is much more budget friendly, but doesn't compromise style and quality. Try to spread the store-bought embellishments out evenly throughout the book and get some tips for handmade embellishments on our embellishments page and in the examples below. You can brush up on scrapbooking basics here.  

-Leave plenty of room for journaling. A picture can say a thousand words...but the bride and groom might want to say a few of their own. Create journaling mats in a variety of sizes so there's room to recall stories and moments from their special day.  (Click here for a must-try, budget friendly journaling mat that you can make for just pennies!)

-Did you save the invite? If you can part with it, it makes a nice addition to the book. Include it on a page, or better yet, adhere it right to the inside front cover! Not only will it display the details of the event, but your recipient will have an artistically preserved copy to cherish forever!

-Brush up on scrapbooking techniques and find more scrapbooking tutorials here. Our Scrapbooking on a Budget page is one of our most popular pages for a reason! No matter what your price range we've got tips to help you stretch your funds! 

For more tips, click on the thumbnails below!