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Shop the Cricut BrightPad today!
Shop the Cricut BrightPad today!
New from Cricut: The BrightPad

How neat is the new BrightPad from Cricut?! I'm so excited about this new product! This lightbox is perfect for tracing images and weeding your vinyl cutouts -- including Glitter Vinyl! (Making the product worth it's weight in gold if you ask me!!!) 

I love that it has a large screen (9" x 11.5") and 5 different brightness settings to help reduce eye strain. Perfect to take on the go, or use practically anywhere, it's ultra thin and lightweight, and has a nonslip base. 

The only thing I'm not a huge fan of is that it doesn't run off a recharegeable battery. It needs to be plugged in. But it comes with a 6 foot cord and US wall power adapter, so not the end of the world! 

The Cricut BrightPad will help you to see exactly where the cuts in your vinyl are so you can pull the cut design from the rest of the sheet easier. The light just shines right up through where your electronic cutting machine passed over and illuminates the die cuts. It's great! Coming from someone who cuts out a lot of Vinyl, I've been waiting for this product for a while!  They even released a new tool set specifically to help with this job! It comes with 5 separate tools that you can use to remove your die cuts.

If you're looking for a light box to use for tracing, this is also a great tool for that! Since you can adjust the brightness setting, it's really easy to adjust for tracing on papers and fabrics of different thickness. 

Overall I think this is a great tool (I do wish they could have made it with a rechargable battery though!) but for $79.99 I can still see getting plenty of use out if to make it to make it worth the splurge! Enjoy free shipping on all orders shipped within the US during the month of July with coupon code "CHRISTMASINJULY" at checkout. (Valid 7/5 - 8/1)

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