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Stamp Carving
From Photograph to Stamp
Learn the whole process, from beginning to end, to transform your digital photographs and graphics into one-of-a-kind hand carved stamps. 

Crystal Pouring Watering Can
Here's a garden feature that is bound to add some sparkle to your yard!

New Scrapbook Layouts Added!
Check out our "Gifting a Premade Scrapbook" post for 20+ page layouts and helpful tips for giving these one-of-a-kind gifts!

Introduction to Letterboxing
A "Treasure Hunt" with hand carved stamps! Perfect for the adventurer AND crafter in you! Get on board with this fun hobby and start carving today! Learn what letterboxing ishow to carve stamps and what supplies you'll need for this exciting and creative hobby!

How to Line an Envelope in Under a Minute
Use this simple and fast technique to line envelopes of any shape or size with decorative paper in under 60 seconds!

Scrapbooking On a Budget
Scrapbooking can be expensive! Anyone who's browsed around a craft store can tell you that! But there IS a way to enjoy this hobby with out breaking the bank! Join us for this 10 week series and learn tips and techniques to help you save big!

My Great Web page
Capturing memories one page at a time, The Scrap Room creates custom scrapbooks that showcase your most treasured memories.  We make anything from small miniature scrapbooks to large 12"x12" albums. We also make other custom items such as calendars, wall art and table displays.   Why leave your pictures on a shelf or memory card when you can display them and enjoy them? If you're more of a do-it-yourselfer, check out our free tutorials for scrapping and other craft projects here!

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