For scrapbooks, greeting cards, handmade gifts, home decor and other craft projects, our first priority when it comes to craft tools, materials and supplies is QUALITY. This is quickly followed by budget (because who ISN'T on a budget of some kind?) Over the years we've worked with a lot of brands and different products but we wanted to share some of our very favorite with you. These stores and items are our absolute top, go-to, when we're creating. If there's something great that you think we've over looked or need to hear about, please let us know! We always love to try new things! If you haven't already, sign up to be a Rakuten member -- you can earn rebates from many retailers and it ads up quick!

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Amazon is one of my top resources when it comes to craft supplies and materials. It's so easy to shop and compare prices, and of COURSE I have an Amazon Prime membership so I get fast, and free shipping on most items. I also get great streaming content to enjoy while I create, which is Awesome!!! They have great movies and tv shows to watch, and tons and tons of music. We use both the video and music content DAILY in our household, and view the "free shipping" as an extra perk. (Which may be backwards than most people view it, but with as much value as we get in the shipping, it's still dwarfed by all the great content we stream while working from home. I even use their ambient videos for my daily meditations!) 

I love that so many other people shop through them and leave reviews on products as well, so if I'm buying something new I can know what to expect. It's also easy to ask questions about items I'm thinking about buying, so you get all the help (sometime More!) than you would in a brick-and-mortar store, it's delivered right to your door, and you can shop from anywhere, even right in your home! If you're not a Prime Member, I highly recommend signing up! "Tell them I sent you" by clicking below.

The ShareASale Network connects merchants and affiliates.  If you're looking for companies to sell your goods, sign up as a merchant and search through their database of companies to find affiliates for your products.  If you use products from other companies and would like to endorse them on your website, sign up as an affiliate, it's free and easy! They have lots of great video tutorials that walk you through how to use their services! Click below to learn more or sign up! is an Amazon company and I've been a member since 22 February, 2012! I absolutely love their audio books and devour them on a weekly basis. You'll see me mention them in my posts from time to time and this is where I get them! If you'd like to try them out, click the link below to get TWO free credits to begin your trial! This is what I usually listed to while I'm crafting or creating digital designs! (My Favorite narrator is John Lee! His Count of Monte Christo is AMAZING!!!)

If you'd like to create your own png and svg files, offers a great, free, software that you can download and use to turn your own drawings and images into svg files. Check out our "Doodles to Vector Graphics" tutorial here for a complete walkthrough, on how to turn your drawings and sketches into scalable vector graphics. To visit Inkscape and learn more about their free software, click the link below.

Canva is a great source for creating graphics! They have tons of free templates and elements that you can use to create your own digital art. Make Pins for Pinterest, graphics for your social media posts, pictures for your blog posts, or anything else you can dream up! You can even upgrade to their premium service for about $10 a month to access even more of their great features. Click the link below to let them know we sent you!
Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links in this post are affiliate links. There is no additional cost to you, but The Scrap Room will earn a small commission should you choose to purchase through those links. Thank you for helping support our business! 
Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

Adobe offers TWO of my very favorite (and most used!) programs. I use both Illustrator and Photoshop on a near daily basis, and they are both amazingly powerful programs! Illustrator is great for working with vector based designs and Photoshop is my top choice for digital scrapbooking, photo editing, and working with any pixel based designs. There are a couple of "free" software options I recommend, but the tools available in these programs are unparalleled! Adobe now offers affordable monthly subscription plans, making it easier for anyone to use their awesome products! You can find a lot of tutorials for both these programs on my main Digital page (Tab in the menu bar up top!).  
Other web pages I highly recommend: