Paper: You have a lot of options for adhesive when it comes to paper.  If you are adhering it to a material that is not paper, check what adhesive works best on that. The biggest problem with paper is if using a liquid adhesive, if you use too much, your paper will bubble.  White craft glue, hot glue, spray adhesive, rubber cement and even fabric glue work well on paper.  

Plastic: Depending on the texture of the plastic you are using, some white craft glue and spray adhesives will work, however an epoxy, silicone adhesive, super glue, hot glue or even an expansive adhesive will make a stronger bond.  

Fabric: Fabric is another material that if you're adhering it to another type of material, you'll want to check the adhesives recommended for it. I usually use fabric glue or a spray adhesive, however if attaching it to something such as plastic, I find that hot glue or even rubber cement work best. 

Styrofoam: Compare the adhesive options for both materials when working with Styrofoam.  White craft glue, spray adhesive and rubber cement are probably going to be your best options. Hot glue will work for some projects, but be careful! Some Styrofoam can melt under the heat of the hot glue, so practice on a test piece first!

Glass and Ceramics: Silicone adhesives and a good epoxy are my top two choices with working with ceramics. If you need to fill in a gap, an expansive adhesive will do the job nicely. If you get in a pinch you can sometimes use super or hot glue, but the results may not be quite as good as with the silicone and epoxy.

Metal: You'll need a strong adhesive when working with metal. I almost always use an epoxy or silicone adhesive for this.  If you need to fill in a gap, an expansive adhesive will usually do the trick and depending what you're adhering it to, super glue will work as well.

Wood:  Wood glue is usually my number one choice when working with wood.  An expansive glue works if you need to fill in a little space. Silicone adhesive, epoxy, rubber cement or even hot glue will work on wood as well. 

Organic Material: When working with organic material, you'll also want to check the adhesive recommended for the surface you are adhering it to. White craft glue, hot glue, spray adhesive, rubber cement, epoxy, silicone adhesive and even expansive glue will work great on most organic materials.


Are you using the correct adhesive for the job? With over 30 years of crafting experience, I've had time to try them all! Here are some pointers for what type of adhesives work best on different surfaces.

Please note: When choosing an adhesive to use for scrapbooking, only use products that specifically mention that they are "Acid and Lignin Free" to help extend the life of your photos and memorabilia.  

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