​Lastly, don't forget to fill your journal with art! Draw and doodle all over it! If you're stuck for ideas, look on Pinterest! You can find lots of doodling ideas there! Banners, corners, icons ...... but don't limit yourself to the "Standard" bullet journal graphics -- think outside the box. Look around. What's around you? Are you sitting in a chair, looking out a window into your back yard? Draw your bird feeder. A pretty tree. The neighbor's cat. Whatever you see, whatever's around you. And of course, doodle about your hopes, goals and dreams. Your "Why" should be a central focus of your book!

Looking for more ideas? Check out our Bullet Journal board on Pinterest for even more ideas!

Organize Your Life with Creativity through Bullet Journaling

Perfect for entrepreneurs, dreamers and other creatives that want to live a more organized, motivated and creative life, bullet journaling offers something unique! More than a regular journal or calendar, your bullet journal can organize your dreams, goals, lists, notes, brainstorming and more, all in one place.  It can even help you develop your writing, drawing, and other hobbies -- just designate a space for it in your book and work a little towards your goals each day!

The best part about bullet journaling is that once you "graduate" to the "Blank Page" you'll find that no one can create better journal layouts for yourself than YOU! You know what aspects of your life you want to track or improve on! Design layouts that fit your needs and use your journals to help you design the life of your dreams!

Bullet Journals
Organize Your Life with Creativity

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also enjoy...
Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links in this post are affiliate links. There is no additional cost to you, but The Scrap Room will earn a small commission should you choose to purchase through those links. Thank you for helping support our business! 
You won't need much to get started! First off you'll need a journal. You can make your own or purchase a ready made one. You have lots of options either way! If you're on a super tight budget, the cheapest way to make one is by hole punching paper and using some string, ribbon, or even some Loose Leaf Binder Rings to keep them all together. 

If you plan to make your own, and your budget allows, pick up an inexpensive binding machine. It will save you a fortune down the road, and allow you the opportunity to completely customize your journals!  You can find my full tutorial on how to create spiral bound journals here. Or use and decorate a binder that you can easily remove or add pages to.

Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links in this post are affiliate links. There is no additional cost to you, but The Scrap Room will earn a small commission should you choose to purchase through those links. Thank you for helping support our business! 
​Are you ready to get into the world of bullet journaling? If so, this is a great place to start! Below you'll find tips and tricks for all levels of journalers, so whether you're just beginning your jounaling journey or if you've been at it a while, keep reading!
Once you have a book, the next thing you'll need is a set of markers/pens to use in it. You can use blue or black ink if you want, but I recommend using a set of fun colors that inspire you and make you smile. The colors will also help keep you organized, so pick out a nice set, you're going to get a lot of use out of them! Remember, you want to create a book that will inspire you to reach for the stars, not just a diary of your thoughts or a calendar to organize your appointments. Bullet journals are so. much. more. than that! 
One of the most helpful accessories you can buy to kick-start your bullet journaling is a set of stencils or stamps that you can use, over and over, to help you quickly create layouts. You don't need anything fancy for this, and your certainly don't need to spend a fortune!  Something that has some banners, journaling boxes/mats, and flourishes will do! I like the stencil method since it's quick, easy, and not messy. You can buy a basic set of bullet journaling stencils for under $20 that will last you for years to come. (These would also be perfect if you're putting together a Bullet Journal gift for someone who's new to the hobby! A journal, a few nice pens, a colorful marker set, and some stencils would make a great gift!)
Getting started is easy! I like to make a list (either mental or on paper is fine!) of all the categories I want to incorporate in my journal, then I just start creating space for them! You can create space for your topics by drawing journaling mats to write on or separate areas with lines, doodles or other graphics. You can even create borders with text by writing around the edge of a space! Highlight negative space by creating fields for other topics around an empty space. I personally prefer to use a 3 ring notebook, so I can adjust and add pages easily. (In case you're wondering what I use each morning -- I utilize both my 90 Day Motivational Dot-Grid journal and a variety of pages from my Beginner's Bullet Journal series, all printed from the comfort of my own home, using my Cannon Pixma Printer that I got on Amazon, stored nice and neatly in a standard 3 ring binder. I do love using other journals, for other journaling purposes, but for my day-to-day, that's my go-to!)

You can track and organize whatever you want in your journal, but here are a few things that I always like to include in mine.

First off, calendars. Lots of them! I'm talking daily, weekly, monthly, and I like to reserve a page for things that are even further out!  The reason for so many calendars is that there are sooo many things in your life you'll want to keep organized, if you put them all in one place, it will get a little overwhelming, and things are bound to be missed! Put things like birthdays, anniversaries, trips, etc, on your monthly planners, and meetings, appointments, errands, etc on weekly and daily pages.
Color code... EVERYTHING. You'll be so glad you did! This attention to detail will help you find things in a flash and allow you to thumb through your pages and quickly key in on specific information. Highlighting, marking, writing, dividing -- you can use colors in so many different ways!

You'll probably want to invest in a set of highlighters. This quick and easy color coding option will be your go-to, especially to help you stay organized when you're in a hurry. They'll allow you to write in one color (like your favorite black pen for example) and still differentiate between areas by highlighting your text in different colors. And like I said above, a set of pens is almost a must! Look for some that are not alcohol based, as those will likely bleed through most journal pages. (Unless you make your own journals and use paper designed for alcohol based pens!)  
Washi tape can be a great way to decorate and organize your book. You can use it for everything! Creating borders and flagging important notes or data. Try folding some over the edge of the paper to mark an important page!
I use my bullet journal every morning and especially find the "daily" layouts useful. They help me gather my thoughts and keep me focused on the most important tasks at hand throughout the day. I spend a little time during my morning routine, planning out my day and then refer back to my journal throughout the day. I usually spend a little time on Friday mornings or Sunday evenings working on my "weekly" layouts, to help prepare myself for the week ahead. 

One of the most important things that I incorporate into my daily designs is a "quote of the day". Usually I pull these from books and articles I read, or inspiring people that I follow online. If I'm in a rush, Goodreads.com or Brainyquote.com are great sources for inspirational quotes! I've put together a dot-grid style journal incorporating many of these motivational quotes -- you can find it on Amazon.com here!

Another way to keep your journal organized is to number your pages and note them all down in an index.  If you are looking for section, you can flip here to easily find where to look for it. 

Snag some free pages from my Beginner's Bullet Journal here. 
Print them out and use them as layouts, or use them for 
inspiration to create you own designs using dot-grid or graph paper! 

(Keep scrolling for more tips and other exclusive subscriber freebies!)

A lot of people put their monthly calendars at the front of their journal, and keep their daily and/or weekly pages behind that. I like to put my monthly pages at the back. It's really just personal preference. You can put yours in the middle if you want! It doesn't matter where you put it, as long as you can find it easily. Since this is one you're going to be flipping to a lot, I recommend making a re-positionable divider tab for it. Post it tabs work great for this because you can move it to whatever month you're currently in for easy flipping back and forth! (We'll be going more into post-it style notes in a bit! Post-Its are amazingly helpful in Bullet Journaling!) You can make your calendars all at once, or as you go. Monthly and weekly calendars can be 1 or even 2 pages, so just make sure you leave enough room if you're making them as you go. I like to make them all at once, so when things pop up on my schedule, it's quick and easy to add them in!

​Remember to tailor your journal to fit your life - That's one of the best parts of bullet journaling! If you need a book to keep your small business organized, you can design one that is work focused. (Check out our Cat Lover's Printable Planner for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs here!)   If you're looking to live a more healthy life, try designing pages that encourage healthy habits. You can get a free sampling from our Healthy Habits/Meal Planning journal printable set below, or find the entire set in our online shop here.
Bullet journals are great for tracking all kinds of things. Are you a movie buff with a huge list of films to see? Write them in your journal! Books to read? Places to travel? Things to do? Keep them all nice an organized in your journal! Download our complementary Bullet Journal Topics list below for more ideas and inspiration!

Sticky notes are also super helpful when it comes to bullet journaling. They come in so many different sizes so there's always a perfect option, no matter what you need it for. My number one favorite it the Post-It brand tabs that have plenty of lined space for writing notes down. You can stick them in anywhere you have the need for a little extra space, and they are so easy to flip to! I also keep plenty of the standard 3" square pads around. 
You can find some free printables throughout my site to add to your handmade journal. I also offer many sets in my Etsy shop- whether you're pressed for time, or not quite ready for the "blank page", they'll get you journaling (and more organized!) in no time. (And even better -- they're available for immediate download, so you can get your hands on them instantly and print them out right at home!) My most popular series is my Beginner's Bullet Journal series. It's an instant download printable planner series filled with spaces for you to organize and track things in your life, with doodles you can color in.  The main volumes contain "every day" doodles, but I also offer several Special Edition sets that can all be mix-and-matched together! You can read more about it here!

For something with a little more freedom, try a graph paper or dot grid design. They'll help you draw boxes and lines quickly and more accurately.  I offer a 10 design instant download printable set in my Etsy shop here, but I REALLY recommend this one. It's a dot-grid journal that I put together that includes 90 pages of motivational quotes from some of the most inspirational people who've walked on this planet! (It's over 100 pages in total.) and Yes! Can be printed right from home!  It's also available in paperback on Amazon here (It doesn't take much ink to print -- I highly recommend the digital version so you can use it over and over and over!!! ;) ;) ;)