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Festive Fun Unwrapped
Top Kids Christmas DIY Craft Kits on Amazon
by: Lindsay Allyn

As the air turns crisp and the scent of pine fills our homes, there's no denying that the most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner. With the holiday season upon us, what better way to ignite the spirit of Christmas than by engaging in delightful crafting activities with your little ones? This year, I've scoured the virtual aisles of the world's largest online marketplace, Amazon, to bring you a curated collection of Christmas crafts that promise to add an extra dash of joy to your family festivities.

Lets embark on a creative journey, exploring a treasure trove of artistic endeavors specifically designed for kids. From tree ornaments to giant gingerbread playhouses to color in, this handpicked selection of Christmas crafts ensures that the little ones not only have a blast crafting but also contribute to the overall festive ambiance. Get ready to dive into a world of glitter, glue, and giggles as we unwrap the magic of Christmas crafts for kids available at your fingertips on Amazon!
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1 - Color in Gingerbread Playhouse
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Transform your holiday season into a personalized adventure with the Festive Gingerbread House. Your child can unleash their creativity by coloring and customizing this delightful canvas, bringing to life favorite sweets and winter friends, including a Teddy Gummy Bear, Cupcake (in various flavors), Candy, and the adorable Gingerbread Cookie Friend. With the option to use stickers, markers, crayons, or paint (not included), this interactive activity promises hours of festive fun.

Beyond its artistic appeal, the Gingerbread House serves as a magical fort or tent for imaginative play. Whether pretending or reading stories inside, the sweet gingerbread magic comes alive with a snowman, candy canes, and a whipped frosting roof. After outdoor adventures, warm up inside with hot cocoa for an added touch of coziness.
2 - Suncatcher Ornaments Stained Glass Kit
The Suncatcher Ornaments DIY Crystal Pendant Kit is a creative and easy-to-use set that lets you design your own window art, pendants, or keychains. The kit includes six suncatcher shapes and six vibrant colors of paint to bring your creations to life. Simply pick the design, choose your favorite colors, and add diamond decorations for a personalized touch. The endless fun allows you to mix and match colors, creating unique effects for perfect decorations. Ideal for both adults and children, this kit makes a wonderful personalized gift, suitable for various occasions such as school projects, Christmas parties, family crafts, and more. The kit includes six suncatcher shapes, six colorful paints, chains, tweezers, diamond beads, colorful beads, and rope for a complete creative experience.
3 - Kangaroo's Do You Want to Build a Snowman
This cute holiday craft is a moldable foam putty designed for creating snowman figures, making it an ideal choice for birthday party favors or stocking stuffers for kids. The set includes press-in eyes, a carrot nose, arms, and a smile mouth for added customization. Users can allow the foam putty to set and harden or remold it until satisfied with the result. It's essential to note that the product contains small parts and poses a choking hazard, making it unsuitable for babies or toddlers. Each order includes three snowman toys, making them great for party favors or arts and crafts at birthday parties.

4 - Christmas Coloring Cup Plastic Cups for Kids
This set includes 12 8.5 oz Christmas kids cups in 6 colors, each with matching straws, crayons, and Christmas-themed paper inserts. It provides various design options and is perfect for sharing with family and friends. The cups allow kids to color Santa Claus patterns on the inserts, making them ideal for crafts at home or in classrooms. The cups are made of durable, washable, and reusable plastic, featuring a double-wall design for portability. They are great for Christmas parties, birthdays, art classes, school events, picnics, camping, and as party favors.

5 - Christmas Snow Globe Making Kit
This Christmas snow globe kit includes supplies to make 6 Christmas-themed water globes, including plastic snow globes, Christmas baubles, snowflakes, and more. It aims to inspire kids' creativity, enhancing their hands-on abilities, imagination, and color perception. The DIY process involves fixing baubles with glue, adding snowflakes, and shaking the globes to create a winter Christmas atmosphere. The kid-friendly materials ensure safety and durability, while the clear design allows for visual enjoyment. The DIY snow globes, featuring classic Christmas elements, can be used for decorating and make excellent Christmas gifts for kids or friends, promoting shared fun and creativity.

6 - Gingerbread House Stickers Kit
​This Gingerbread House Stickers Kit includes 30 gingerbread house stickers in three different patterns, with each pattern consisting of 5 sheets. The Christmas-themed stickers feature colorful designs like candies, gingerbread men, trees, elk, and bears. This fun holiday activity provides everything needed for kids to create 15 finished gingerbread house stickers without any mess. The stickers are made of quality paper with a smooth, tear-off plastic film coating, making them safe and odor-free. With a size of 9.8" x 11", these stickers are suitable for various applications, such as Christmas crafts, preschool activities, family parties, and more.

7 - Christmas Tree Ornaments Decorations Kit
This Christmas Tree Ornaments kit includes 50 wooden Christmas hanging ornaments in various shapes, 50 jute twines, 50 colorful bells, 6 color pens, 2 paint sets with 12 colors each, 2 brushes, a palette, and Christmas stickers. The unfinished wooden slices serve as blank canvases for DIY projects, making them perfect for decorating Christmas trees or as gifts. Designed for kids, these ornaments are ideal for hand paintings, Christmas crafts, gift tags, and various art projects. The family-friendly activity allows for creative designing and painting, adding a personalized Christmas touch. The high-quality, natural wood slices are laser-cut, polished, and drilled for easy hanging. The included paint sets are non-toxic and environmentally friendly, ensuring safety for kids.

8 - Paint Your Own Resin Ornaments Kit
The Paint your Own Resin Ornaments Kit comes with 12 Christmas ornaments made of resin, each measuring approximately 3" x 3". It includes 2 brushes, 12 washable paints, and 12 satin ribbons. The ornaments are suitable for an ideal holiday activity, particularly for kindergarten, church groups, Sunday School, and daycares. The washable paints allow for the creation of new ornaments each year. These ornaments serve as great family keepsakes or personalized Christmas gifts.
9 - Christmas Giant Coloring Poster/Tablecloth
This giant Christmas coloring design makes such a cute Christmas activity! Measuring 32*72 inches it makes a wonderful tablecloth / Christmas table decoration. Made of thick paper, it is resistant to breakage, tearing, and fading. The tablecloth serves as a giant coloring poster, offering a unique and fun Christmas gift for kids. It keeps kids engaged and entertained for hours, allowing them to customize and color the large banner however they want. It is ideal for Christmas classroom activities, parties, crafts, and homeschooling. 
10 - Ornament Kit with Christmas Craft Stickers
This Christmas craft kit for kids includes 36 ornament cards and 18 sheets of matching DIY stickers featuring various Christmas designs. The materials are premium, with the ornament cards made of high-quality thick paper cardstock and the DIY stickers crafted from durable paper. Safe for children to use, these materials are lightweight yet sturdy. Kids can enjoy endless DIY fun by sticking the matching Christmas stickers onto the original cards, allowing them to create personalized ornaments with strings for hanging on Christmas trees or elsewhere. Ideal for handcraft activities, Christmas party games, and classroom gifts, this kit promotes kids' creativity and makes for wonderful Christmas ornaments or gift tags for children aged 4-12.
11 - Jingle Bell Wreath Ornaments
This complete DIY ornament kit allows you to craft adorable bell wreaths, including 44 red, 44 gold, and 44 green bells, along with 4 pipe cleaners, 4 ribbons, and instructions. The craft involves stringing bells onto pipe cleaners, creating hangable holiday wreaths—simple and engaging for kids during the holiday season. The resulting handmade ornaments can be used to decorate Christmas trees, garlands, or mantles, adding a festive touch with their colorful and jingling bells. The kit is suitable for creating personalized gifts for family members, and all materials are non-toxic and kid-friendly. With easy-to-follow, illustrated instructions, this craft kit promotes early development by enhancing fine motor, identification, and problem-solving skills in a fun and stress-free manner, encouraging creativity and imagination in children.
12 - Make Your Own Water Globe Kit
This DIY sea world water globe kit offers an exploration of four different creative themes: freezing icy world, deep under the sea, pirate exploring inside the sea, and a hot sunshine beach. It encourages children to unleash their imagination and create a mini magical sea world with sea animals like octopus, bird, and penguin. The activity promotes hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and critical thinking, fostering a new neural pathway in a child's brain. With a focus on high-quality materials, the kit ensures safety and engagement for kids, providing hours of family time and learning. 
13 - DIY Sequin Ornaments Kit
This DIY Christmas tree decorations kit is a complete craft package, featuring 6 polystyrene foam balls, ribbons, colored sequins (red, green, silver, gold), plastic pins, and illustrated instructions. The activity involves pushing pins to insert sequins into the foam balls, providing an easy and simple craft for keeping kids busy during the holiday season. Children can create unique handmade ornaments to cover the Christmas tree or hang as decorations, using the included ribbons. The kit allows for the customization of gifts for family members, with all materials being non-toxic and kid-friendly. The plastic pins are safe for little hands, and the illustrated instructions make it easy for kids to follow along.
14 - Porcelain Bells Craft Kit for Kids
This DIY bell kit includes everything needed: 3 porcelain bells, 3 jingle bells, 2 paint markers (red, green), metallic cord, 3 hanging buttons, and illustrated instructions. It allows for the creation of custom holiday designs on porcelain bells, adding jingle bells for festive decoration. The crafted Christmas bells can be used to decorate trees, mantles, and more. The kit is suitable for making unique gifts and treasures for family members, with all materials being non-toxic and kid-friendly. Illustrated, step-by-step instructions make it easy for kids of all ages to follow along, fostering creative expression and early development of fine motor, identification, and problem-solving skills in a stress-free manner. The kit encourages imagination and creativity in crafting sentimental ornaments for various occasions.
15 - Christmas Activities Sticker Cards
This Christmas Sticker Activity pack is so cute! Each sheet comes with it's own theme of stickers that were designed to stack and arrange to create a custom holiday sticker. Your kids will love getting to personalize their look, and the sticker sheets themselves could be used as Christmas cards! A fun and easy craft for kids of all ages. 
The world of Kids Christmas DIY Craft Kits on Amazon opens up a realm of festive possibilities for families this holiday season. As we navigate the joyous chaos of holiday preparations, these craft kits provide a perfect opportunity to slow down, connect with our little ones, and create cherished memories. 

Beyond the fun and laughter, these DIY projects serve as a valuable educational tool, fostering skill development in a creative and stress-free environment. Engaging in these crafts becomes not only a delightful holiday pastime but also a means to enhance fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving abilities in our little ones.

So, as you embark on your holiday crafting adventure, explore the diverse and delightful world of Kids Christmas DIY Craft Kits on Amazon. Read reviews, choose the perfect kit for your family, and immerse yourselves in the wonder of creating together. Because in the end, it's not just about the finished crafts; it's about the journey, the laughter, and the love shared around the crafting table that make this holiday season truly special. Happy crafting!