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Finding and Installing New Fonts

Ready to learn some of the basics of working with fonts?

Oh my gosh, fonts are SO MUCH FUN.

Seriously, I'm obsessed. I have THOUSANDS on my computer and love to make fun designs using them. I just can't get enough!

Most people know how to change the font they are using to a different font that's on their computer, but many people don't actually know that it takes just a few easy clicks to download and install a new font to your computer! It's super easy! You can use fonts to create all kinds of fun word art designs, as long as you know the basics.

If you're looking for a great resource for fonts, check out Fontbundles! They have a great selection of fonts from amazing designers all over the world, available for purchase, as well as dozens of FREE FONTS you can use! (They even allow limited commercial use, be sure to read their license.) Thanks to the internet, you can purchase, download, and install fonts right on your computer instantly.

To download and install a new font, all you need to do is find a font you like online from a reputable online source, such as FontBundles.net, purchase a license to use it (if applicable) and download and save it to your computer. Open the file you saved it in and right click on the OTF version of the font and select "INSTALL". 

It's THAT easy! Any design programs on your computer should be able to find them automatically, so jump in, select your text tool, choose your new font, and type away!

(Below is a quick video walkthrough, if you're more of a visual learner.)

PS: If you'd like to check out the fonts that I have designed and created, visit my fonts shop section here.