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by: Lindsay Allyn
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Less is More
What can you do with one pen? A LOT!

You're going to use them a lot, so think of your pens as an investment. When it comes down to cost per use, do your pens make the grade? Do they do more than just "Color"?

​These Chameleon pens are so multi functional -- With one pen, you can highlight, blend, add shadows, shading and more, eliminating the need for dozens of similar shades you DON'T need to waste your money on. Another thing I absolutely LOVE about these pens are their longevity. They can be refilled and used over and over again saving you even more money down the road. Even the nibs can be replaced! These alcohol-based pens are acid free, so they are safe for all of your paper crafting projects, such as scrapbooking and cardmaking and can even be used with other alcohol-based markers. (Watch the tutorial above to see them in action!)

They are super easy to use too! Just remove the cap from the nib you choose to use, and carefully set the mixing chamber onto the end of the pen so the nib in the mixing chamber, and the nib you want to use just barely touch. Hold the pen vertical, with the mixing chamber on top, to let the Toning Medium flow into the color nib on your pen.  The longer you hold it, the more the toning medium lightens the color of your pen! As you color in your image, the original color of the pen slowly returns, giving you all the shades in between! The below "Birthday" die was my first "practice project" that I tried them out on right after I took them out of the box -- they're that easy to use!

Give these pens a try -- you're going to love them and be so glad you did! They even offer 5 packs in a variety of color options, so if you're not looking to make a big investment just yet, you can try them out a small selection of them for a very reasonable price! 

​If you're on a budget (and even if you're not!) these are the pens you'll want to invest in - They are made to last! Chameleon offers several sets and all the refill ink and nibs you need. 

Controlling and Adjusting the Color of Chameleon Pens

This video is a must watch! It has some great tips about using Chameleon's colorless blending pen. Learn how to lighten colors you've already added to your project, push back or "erase" color, and how to add fun designs into colored in areas -- all with ONE PEN!   Looking to buy your own colorless blending pen? Click here! 

Getting to Know Your Chameleon Pens

These pens are my latest obsession! They are so versatile and perfect for all my scrapbooking, card making and other coloring projects. I love how well I can blend and shade all with one pen. Skeptical at first, I only bought a small set, but QUICKLY (like the same day they arrived in the mail) stocked up on a variety of shades and ordered a colorless blending pen and a detail pen. I might as well throw away all my other pens! LOL! I LOVE THESE PENS! I use them for Everything now! I was wasting so much money buying many shades of the same color, and not only did it still take practice to get the blending I wanted, pens dried up or ran out of ink, and I had "holes" in my pen assortment. NO MORE. Chameleon Pens are not only more cost efficient (one pen does many many shades of a color -- very easily) but you can also buy replacement ink and nibs, saving you even more down the road! (And think of all that waste you're saving the planet from! I've probably thrown out HUNDREDS of "dead" pens in my 30 years of crafting! :/ ) So if you haven't already made the switch, think about trying them out! Watch the video clips on this page to see what all excitement's about and see for yourself, then go pick up a basic set with all the most popular colors to start out, or collect them all!

I use my Chameleon Pens to color in EVERYTHING!!! Especially my daily organizer! Get your free copy of the two page layout shown by clicking the above links. Then use them for coloring, doodling, and or course, keeping your day organized!

Want to learn more about my favorite markers? Keep scrolling!
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