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Back when I didn't use a daily planner, my schedule was a complete mess! I had a hard time staying on task and an even harder time getting things DONE. I was always behind on everything! A couple of "free hours" on a Sunday night? NO WAY! It just never happened. Every evening I'd get to the end of my day and say to myself, "I didn't get done NEAR what I wanted to today!". Life was exhausting, my energy was constantly zapped, and I felt like I was treading water every day, not getting any closer to my goals! (Is this ever YOU???)

The Watercolor Planner 
A mix-and-match planner series that is as functional as it is fun!
I use the daily pages to keep my day-to-day activities and things to do organized. Errands, chores, meetings, appointments, work assignments, emails to send, so at any time in my day I can see everything I'm supposed to accomplish! 

I use the weekly at-a-glance pages to get a general overview of my week.  I don't like to fill my weekly pages too much, to me, they're more of a quick look. It helps me mentally prepare for things ahead, so when it's go time, I'M READY! No stressing about how I'm going to "get started" or what I should "do next". Bam! I'm already in there, DOING IT! It keeps me efficient and on task!

The monthly calendar pages are essential!  If you're a visual learner like ME, it's important to have at least one layout that has a general overview of the month. Sets in my Watercolor Journal Series come with a 2 page monthly calendar and a 1 page option so they're great for all types of schedules!

Some of the most useful pages in the sets are the HABIT TRACKER pages. I use them to set BIG GOALS, and then kick some serious butt! There's something to color in each day you work towards your goal, and for some reason, coloring it in just feels so good! "Yep! Got that DONE! Check!If there's a new daily habit you're working to establish in your life, these trackers are perfect!

Each set also comes with an extra couple of layouts that are always super helpful. From lined pages, to bucklists, birthday reminders and more! The more sets you pick up, the more layout options you'll have to mix-and-match!

Since all the pages are undated, they could be used tomorrow, next month, sometime in 2024... you get the idea!  You can use them for YEARS to come!

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Why was I feeling this way?
Because I wasn't managing my time well. My life lacked structure and organization!

Having a planner DEFINITELY helps me to stay on task and focused to get loads of things done! Now by the time the weekend rolls around, I rest and relax, enjoying the time with those I love the most! It's absolutely wonderful! 😍

I really couldn't do it without the help of my trusty day planner.

You know what I do every Sunday night? Some restorative yoga, enjoy a cup of coffee on the porch while I plan out my week (while watching the wildlife in the backyard), take a bubble bath while listening to an audiobook, and am in bed, sleeping soundly, by 9pm. 

When I wake up on Monday mornings, I feel like a million bucks!

A lot of people like to look at Monday as the start to their week. For me, my weekly routine starts on Sunday night. Why? Because I like to start my week out with a little time for me.

I know, I know, that sounds a little selfish. But you know what? I perform way better at home and work throughout the week if I spend a couple of hours on Sunday night preparing myself for the week ahead, and relaxing with some restorative self care -- and I bet you do to!