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The Doodle Planner Series
that is filled with GNOMES!
A new whimsical life planner series that you can color in while you plan and organize!

​Ready to add some fantasy and fun to your daily planner? This new Gnomes Doodle planner series is whimsical and playful! There are sets with "daily" themed doodles, plus special edition bundles with different themes available. Pick your favorite bundles, or add them all to your collection with the Gnomes Doodles Planner MEGA bundle.
Each of the sets from the Gnomes Doodle Planner series comes with daily layouts, weekly dashboards, monthly calendars, habit trackers, plus an extra essentials layout, such as lined journaling paper or a special tracker page. 

Most of the sets from this series include 52 mix-and-match planner pages.  Some are bigger, some smaller, some have stickers. But *most* include 52 pages (see individual listings for more info about each set).  Each bundle is curated to be a fun and functional planner set independently, but they are more fun when mixed with other bundles from this series and the other sets from the Doodle Planner Series in my shop.

Here's a closer look at some of the pages available from The Gnomes Doodle Planner series:

Get Organized and Reach for Your Goals!

This planner series is so much fun, you'll look forward to opening your planner every morning with all the cute little gnome designs on each page! Color in the doodles, (or don't -- they are adorable in black and white too) and use the helpful layouts to map out your days, focus on your goals, get organized, and slay your to-do list!

Manage your Schedule
With detailed by the hour time blocks, broken into 15 minute fields, you can get as detailed -- or not -- as you like!

Get more done
Manage your time and stay organized so you can focus on what matters.

Focus on your goals
Set goals and track your progress every day using exciting habit trackers. 

Save money
With budgeting pages to track and analyze your income and expenditures you can get on top of your spending and saving.

Sleep better
Feel great about your daily accomplishments, jot down any worries to address tomorrow, and sleep great knowing you worked your hardest and did all you could to make today great!

Stop by my shop and check out all the different sets available from this series so far, or pick them all up in the super value MEGA Bundle, here. If you'd like to try out a free sample from this series, click the link below to sign up for my email list, and I'll send 6 free pages your way. <3

Want more free Gnomes Doodle Planner pages?
Sets from this series with a current freebie offer: