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The Doodle Planner Series
is Functional & Fun
Color in the doodles or leave them in black and white

Ready to add some whimsy and fun into your daily planner? 

These cute digital / printable planner pages include adorable doodles, so your planner can be as much fun as it is functional. Leave the doodles black and white, or carve out some *you* time each day to relax a little, color them in, and clear your mind for a bit.

New planner sets from this series come out regularly, so swing by my Doodle Planner shop section to check out all the bundles currently available

The newest bundle is the 2024 Dated Doodle Planner bundle, available in my shop here, which is dated for the year 2024. 

To learn more about this planner series, or to find out how to get your FREE 12 PAGE SAMPLE, keep reading!

The Doodle Planner Series:

-Is super easy to use
Printing and assembly tips are included, or can be found on my blog, but you can always reach out if you have any questions.

-Undated and Dated Planner sets available
Choose from the 2024 Dated Doodle Planner Bundle, or pick up one of the undated sets that you can print out as many times as you want (for personal use only)

-Was designed to be printed or used digitally (or both!)
Open in any PDF friendly program to print, or upload the pages into your favorite digital planner app.

-Fits most sizes of refillable planners and notebooks
Open in your PDF friendly program, go to PRINT, and in the print settings window, just choose the size of paper you need to print onto, and hit the "FIT TO PAGE" option under the borders section.

-Is full of essential planner layouts
like Daily, Weekly, & Monthly designs, habit trackers, lined journaling pages & more.

-Will help you fall in love with your planner all over again
With all the different pages, layouts, and different doodles, and more pages that come out each month, you'll never get bored! There are so many different themed sets to choose from!
This series was designed to INSPIRE you and help you get and STAY MOTIVATED to reach your goals!

Whether your schedule is jam packed, or more relaxed -- we ALL have things that we *want* to accomplish. But wanting and doing are different things, am I right? And sometimes it's hard to stay motivated.

Use the pages in this series to set goals, track your progress and STAY FOCUSED! No more getting to the end of the day and feeling like you didn't get enough done.  This planner set was designed especially to help you reach your goals.

The Doodle Planner will help you manage your schedule
There's plenty of room for planning your schedule, with detailed by the hour time blocks, broken into 15 minute fields, so you can get as detailed -- or not -- as you like with your day!

It will help you get more done
By helping you manage your time better, you'll be able to get more done! No more wondering "what to do next...". Just open up your planner, see what's next, and get to it! You'll be checking everything off your to-do list in no time!

It will help you focus on your goals
Set the goals that you want to achieve, then use the habit trackers to work towards your goals a little every day! It's so gratifying to color in that daily check-off.

It will help you save money
Use the budgeting pages to track and analyze your income and expenditures. There are even fun coloring pages to help you reach your savings goals!

The Doodle Planner can even help you sleep better
Do you ever stay up late stressing about things you can't fix in the middle of the night? Try adding an evening "Brain Dump" into your routine, and drop all those thoughts in your planner to look at tomorrow! It will free up some space in your head to make room for a more restful night! 

Want to try it out?
The Doodle Planner Ultimate Bundle (vol 2) value bundle is UNDATED and comes with over 600 Doodle Planner pages. It includes Daily, Weekly and Monthly Designs, habit trackers, lined journaling pages, monthly dividers and more, with no dated included so you can use the pages for any month you like. Click here to see the item in my shop, with a full list of all that's included.

New for 2024 is the 2024 Dated Doodle Planner Bundle -- click here to take a closer look at this planner set, ready to go for 2024.
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Sets from this series with a current freebie offer: