The Handmade Gift Guide

How much money do you spend each year on gifts for family and friends? What if I told you that you could slash your gift-giving budget this year and still give amazing gifts -- Even save a little time? This book is a collection of our 10 most popular handmade gift tutorials from our website, along with some fresh, new projects I know you are going to love! And so will the people you are giving them to! Practical and useful, these gifts won’t sit untouched on shelves or in boxes, but rather get used and cherished by the people you share them with.

This book is available in an e-format or you can order a full-color paperback edition from AmazonTake advantage of the special, one-time deal at the top of this page to snag your digital copy for only $5.99! If you miss out on the one-time deal you can find it in my online shop here -- it's still a great value at $9.99!

If you order the paperback book, I encourage you to write all over it! I mean it! Make notes in the margins, jot down your brainstormed ideas, and journal about the projects you make! 

If you take pictures of the projects you'd try, please tag me in them on social media! I'd really love to see them! I'm on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Pinterest!

I'd love to hear what you think about my book, so please leave a review! 

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