DIY Votive Candle Holder

Turn an ordinary glass vase into a stunning candle holder with this step-by-step tutorial!  Covered with wonderful designs and a pop of color,  it make the perfect handmade gift, or accent to add to your own home decor!

For this project you will need:


-a clear, empty vase - whatever size and shape you want!

-*Ad-Tech Permanent Crafter's Tape

-*Ad-Tech Repositionable Dot Glue Runner

-**Enough ribbon to wrap around your vase several times-(that will be ruined and thrown out before you are done with the project!) I recommend using a Picot ribbon, some Rick Rack style ribbon or even try searching for some "crocheted fashion trim" for an Extra touch!

-**Enough ribbon to wrap around your vase a few times-(This ribbon will be the accent color-and Will be on the finished product!)

-a small piece of felt in the same color as the ribbon that will be on the finished product

-Aleene's Original Tacky Always Ready Adhesives

-Krylon 53564 Satin White 'Satin Touch' Decorator Spray Paint

-a clear glass votive candle holder

-votive candle


Add a clear votive holder with candle in the center of the vase. Light and enjoy ~ or give to a friend!  
Carefully spray the outside and bottom on the vase with the white craft paint. Let dry fully before removing the painted-over ribbon. Cut out a bottom for your vase out of felt, and glue it on with the tacky glue. Use the permanent adhesive tape runner on the accent ribbon, and wrap it tightly a few times around your vase.

Begin with your plain, empty vase. *You're going to need both a permanent and a temporary adhesive tape runner for this project. I recommend these bulk packs from Ad-Tech. Amazon carries both the permanent and the temporary in bulk packs of 4. They are a great value, and will last for multiple projects. **Use the temporary adhesive tape runner along the back of the ribbon you intend to paint over and eventually remove, and carefully wrap it tightly around the vase. Wrap your vase as many times and with as many types of ribbon as you choose. Fun ribbons like picotrick-rack and crocheted fashion trim leave really great designs on your vase as well as cast beautiful shadows! Try searching above to find some really great ribbon suppliers near you, you'll be amazed at all the great designs that are available nowadays! This adorable "Starter Pack" from BEEKLEY BOWS would be perfect!
Tip: Fun ribbons like picot, rick rack, and crocheted fashion trim cast great shadows! Look close!.....
DIY Votive Candle Holder
by: Lindsay Allyn
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