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10 Incredibly Budget-Friendly Personalized Party Favor Gifts
Commemorate the event with personalized favor gifts for guests! 
by: Lindsay Allyn

Planning on sharing favor gifts with the guests at your baby shower? Before you bust out the plastic baby bottles filled with cheap candy, keep reading! This list proves that you don't need to break the bank to get custom party keepsakes that your friends and family will love and really enjoy!

**Please note that there is a set up fee for customization of these items, and since they're in bulk (with amazing bulk pricing!) most do require a minimum order. Please click on the pics or links of item's you'd like to know more about to get all the ordering prices and details.**

2) Toast the new mom with these commemorative stemless wine glasses! 

​Price Range: **$1.95-$5.41

These customized glasses are perfect for toasting the new mom! They'll also be a great keepsake for guests to enjoy long after the shower is over. With over a dozen images to choose from, and text of your choice, you can definitely create a design that's perfect for your party!

Shop DIY Baby Shower Favors @ Beau-coup.com
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Shop Baby Shower Favors @ Beau-coup.com
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1) Personalized Glass Coasters  

Price Range: **$5.00 - $14.50 / dozen

How special are these? Reveal the baby's name or share a meaningful message with these precious personalized glass coasters.  These coasters are completely customizable -- choose from over a dozen graphics and add your own text! They even have padded "feet" to protect your tables and keep the coaster from sliding. Set them out and use them at the shower, or order them with a decorative, protective sleeve to pass out to guests. The minimum order on these is 3 sets of 12.
Prices posted on this page are current as of January 11, 2018.  These prices are subject to change -- you can always find the latest prices for them on the beau-coup website.
3) Personalized Chalkboard Round Candles

​Price Range: **$2.09-2.41

Your baby shower guests will love taking home these personalized round "chalkboard candles"! Choose from 8 different icons and 4 different colors to create your own design and add your own text to completely customize! A cute and useful gift for sure! Candles measure 2" across and have a soft floral scent.

4) Personalized Ear Bud Headphones 

​Price Range: **$1.20-$1.95

Talk about USEFUL -- have you ever brought home personalized ear buds from a baby shower? These earbuds come in a small plastic case, perfect for traveling or tossing in your purse, that you can completely customize! Borders, icons, colors, font -- style them to match your event, and send all your guests home with something they can (and will!) use almost anywhere!
5) Personalized Baby Shower Hershey's Chocolate Bars 

​Price Range: **$1.45 - $3.27

If you're going to give our candy at your shower, go with something personalized! Beau-coup offers completely personalized wrappers on their Hershey's chocolate bars, so you can really get creative! Choose from 8 different designs to start with, then add your own text! They even have some that are specifically for gender reveal parties, so instead of picking up some cheap candy at the supermarket, splurge on this treat! They even sell JUST the labels, if you'd rather pick up your own chocolate. 

6) Personalized Baby Shower Hand Sanitizer 

​Price Range: **$2.46 - $2.84

Who DOESN'T need a little bottle of hand sanitizer to help protect them from all the germs out there? These little 2oz bottles are perfect for traveling and can fit in a purse or pocket easily! Customize the label for your event, and share with your guests! With 18 designs, multiple colors and custom text, you're sure to come up with something unique!
7) Personalized Lip Balm Baby Shower Favors

​Price Range: **$1.80 - $1.90

With 17 different designs, and custom text, and less than $2 a piece, these little lip balms are one of Beau-coup's best sellers! Soft to apply and a lovely soft vanilla scent, these little tubes of balm are sure to be a hit with guests! They even sell some with a fun metallic label -- you can check them out here!

8) Custom Color Fortune Cookie 

​Price Range: **$0.64 - $0.91

Did you know that you can order customized FORTUNE COOKIES?! Yes, choose your color(!!!) and create your own secret message to go on the fortune inside! Super fun for gender reveal parties and really inexpensive! These delicious cookies start at only $0.64 a piece!
9) Sunglasses with Personalized Labels 

​Price Range: **$1.10 - $1.95

Can you say "Group Picture!"??? How adorable are these?! Get matching glasses for all your gal pals to commemorate the day! Available in black, hot pink and white, and customizeable with your choice of text! These glasses offer 400UV protection, are great for outdoor parties and can be used long after the baby shower has come and gone!

10) Personalized Baby Shower Mini Cookie Jars 

Price Range: **$2.40 - $2.75

Giving out candy or other small treats? These miniature cookie jars are so adorable! Customize the label and  then fill them with goodies for your guests! After they've finished the snacks, they can use the jar to store something else! These little jars measure 3.75"H (includes lid) x 2.75" in diameter.