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Candy Drizzled Popcorn
This inexpensive treat is super easy to make, and always impresses!
​by: Leslie Berg

This popcorn is so yummy, you'll want to make a batch for the baby shower and an extra batch to keep for yourself! But that's okay! It's super easy to make and is incredibly budget friendly!

Stick the popcorn-covered tray into the freezer for about ten minutes to cool, then break into smaller pieces and fill themed containers for the guests to snack on. We found some adorable baby shower "pop!" themed containers that were a huge hit but you could use anything from fancy boxes to inexpensive polybags to share this delicious treat! If you've downloaded our Party Decor Templates SVG set, flip the party hat upside down -- it makes a great snack cup, and you can use it on any theme of paper so, it'll definitally match!

So simple, but so elegant! These were a big hit with our guests, and I'm sure they will be with yours too!

Begin by popping your popcorn following the instructions on the package. You can salt it -- or not. We opted to not salt this particular batch, but have also made this recipe using salt, and it's very good too!

 Once it's finished popping, spread the popped pieces out evenly on a large cookie sheet. Try to make sure that the popcorn layer is as thin as possible, but covering as much of the tray as possible. You don't want to waste your chocolate / candy by dumping it on the sheet!

Keep it simple -- use your microwave to melt your candy pieces according to the directions. We used Wilton's Pink Candy Melts since this was for a pink themed shower. 

Once the candy is evenly melted, drizzle it evenly over the tray of popcorn. 
For this project, you will need: 

-Popcorn Kernels

-Popcorn Popper (or paper lunch sacks and a microwave)

-Wilton's Candy Melts (These can range in price depending on what color you want and where you buy them from. We got ours on, where the colors typically range from about $2.50-$8.)

-Cookie Sheet

-"Soon to Pop" Baby Shower Popcorn Containers
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