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Broken Embossing Machine?
Try This Fix!

Broken embossing machine?  Try this simple fix before spending money you don't need to! 5 minutes of your time could save your machine! 

Broken Embossing Machine Fix
by: Lindsay Allyn
Supplies and Materials:

-Broken Embossing Machine (such as my favorite -- the Cuttlebug, with Roller Bar not working and hand crank spinning freely with no resistance) 

-Small Allen Wrench (I didn't have a small enough one on hand, but a flat head screw driver worked great!)



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I use it for everything! My Cuttlebug is one of my staple tools in my craft room. It's my go to for embossing, and I love using it for my die cuts as well.  After a weekend of heavy use, my heart sank when, while using it, I heard a loud "thunk" and my machine stopped working. The roller bar was no longer moving the plates through the machine, and my hand crank spun freely, with no resistance.  If this has happened to you, keep reading! You do not need to rush out and buy a new one just yet! This super simple fix worked for me and there's a good chance it will work on yours if you are having the same problem I did!

I started out by grabbing my handy tool kit, but quickly discovered that I didn't have a small enough Allen wrench. Luckily I had a small flat head screw driver and it worked just fine. 

Remove the small, silver "Provo Craft" plug on the side opposite of the hand crank, then remove the side gray panel from the Cuttlebug.

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Look to make sure both the large and small gear wheels are in place. If one is missing, (using gloves, to keep the grease off your fingers) locate the wheel, along with it's washer and screw, which are all probably loose in your machine. Replace the gear wheel, then the washer and fasten them in place with the screw.
Replace the gray side panel and the silver "Provo Craft" plug and give the hand crank a spin. Voila! The crank should now have some tension as you spin it and the roller bar should roll again. And most importantly, now you can get back to crafting!
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