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My Favorite DIY Kits for DIY Gifts on Amazon
These kits are perfect for making handmade gifts to share 
by: Lindsay Allyn

Get ready to unleash your inner DIY enthusiast and spread the joy of handmade gifts! In a world filled with endless possibilities, Amazon has become a haven for crafting aficionados, offering a treasure trove of DIY kits that redefine the art of gift-giving. Whether you're a seasoned crafter or just dipping your toes into the DIY waters, this blog post is your guide to the best DIY kits on Amazon, curated to make your gift-making journey not only enjoyable but also a testament to the thought and effort you put into creating personalized and heartwarming surprises. Let's dive into the world of creativity and explore the top-notch DIY kits that will turn your gifting moments into unforgettable experiences.

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1 - STMT D.I.Y. Crystal Terrarium Kit
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Unleash your creativity with the D.I.Y. Hanging Crystal Terrarium kit, a perfect way to design a stunning hanging garden featuring gemstones, essential oils, and a beautiful faux plant. This brown-thumb-friendly project requires no watering or light, making it ideal for those new to plant care or with a forgetful watering schedule. The kit includes two essential oils, lavender for calming and lemon for an energy boost, along with gemstones for stress relief. Express your unique style with two colored sands and four vibrantly colored rocks, allowing endless color combinations for a one-of-a-kind terrarium. The set includes a hanging glass terrarium, gemstones, faux plant, colored sand, colored rocks, essential oils, and a project booklet to guide your creative journey.
2 - Snowflake Bookmarks Art Set
Get ready for festive crafting with the Christmas Snowflake Bookmarks Art Set. Each kit includes 24 blank foam bookmarks in 6 cutouts, self-adhesive white foam stickers, glitter foam snowflake stickers, satin cording, clear plastic cellophane bags, silver metallic twist ties, step-by-step instructions, and Christmas gift stickers. The foam bookmarks and snowflake stickers come in shades of blue, royal blue, light blue, and turquoise, allowing kids to personalize each bookmark. With measurements ranging from 6" for foam bookmarks to 1" and 1.5" for snowflake cutouts foam stickers, these crafts are perfect placeholders in holiday books. Crafted from 2mm thick foam and featuring self-adhesive backing, satin cords made of polyester, and metallic twist ties, this kit encourages creativity and reading in a fun winter-themed activity. Ideal for classroom winter crafts, Christmas parties, or family events, these snowflake bookmarks make charming stocking stuffers and reading rewards for young readers.
3 - TBWIND Candle Making Kit
The TBWIND Ultimate Candle Making Kit is a complete and giftable package for crafting personalized candles. Packed in a beautiful box, the kit includes 7 packs of soy wax, 8 fragrance oils, 10 dye blocks, candle labels, wicks, glue dots, a melting pot, jars, a stirring spoon, and more. With a user-friendly instruction manual, even beginners can easily create their own candles and experience the joy of candle making. The kit features premium aromatherapy essential oils with excellent scent throw, allowing you to add your favorite aromas to create signature scents for your home. The soy wax is 100% natural, ensuring even and clean burning while being biodegradable. This kit makes a fantastic gift, presented in an exquisite box, suitable for both kids and adults. Whether making candles for decoration or as presents, it's the perfect gift for various occasions, including Christmas, Valentine's Day, weddings, anniversaries, housewarmings, birthdays, and Thanksgiving.

4 - Polymer Clay Earring Making Kit

The Lucomb Polymer Clay Earring Making Kit is a comprehensive set designed for beginners, offering 24 bright colors of clay, 30 stainless steel clay cutters, a roller, carving tools, hole punches, glue, pliers, jewelry findings, and step-by-step instructions. Ideal for crafting personalized jewelry, the kit enables the creation of earrings, rings, charms, necklaces, and pendant keychains. The variety of clay earring molds and accessories allows for endless creative possibilities. Perfect for DIY projects, girl's night in, sleepover parties, and festive occasions, it also makes a thoughtful gift for friends and family who love DIY. The clay can be dried using either the oven bake method or a hair blower heating method.
5 - DIY Personalized Stamp Jewelry Kit
Express your unique style with the Metal Stamping Jewelry Kit, where you become the designer of customized necklaces, keychains, and charms. The kit includes essential tools such as metal letter stamps, a hammer, steel bench block with rubber feet, mini chain nose pliers, stamping tape, a black enamel marker, stamping blanks, fishhook earring findings, cord crimp ends, jump rings, faux leather cord, and easy-to-follow instructions. Learn the art of metal stamping and create up to 8 pieces of jewelry, each uniquely personalized with words, phrases, or monograms. This hands-on crafting experience allows you to make meaningful and gift-worthy accessories for friends and family. Perfect for jewelry-making parties, this kit adds a personal touch to your outfits and makes you feel like a true jewelry designer.
6 - Boho Diamond Painting Coasters DIY Kit
​Create stunning and personalized coasters with this Diamond Painting Coaster Kit. The package includes 8 acrylic acid coasters with well-painted patterns, 8 cork pads, 1 cup holder, colored faux diamonds, clay glue, a pen, and a diamond tray, providing all you need for your crafting endeavors. The coasters are made from high-quality acrylic acid, ensuring clear visibility of numbers and patterns, and the diamonds adhere firmly. The DIY kit is easy to use, with tools to aid in the creation process. Simply tear off the film, pick up the diamonds according to the numbers, and stick them onto the coasters. Each coaster features a cork bottom, preventing scratches on furniture and providing heat resistance. This kit makes for an ideal gift for DIY enthusiasts, suitable for both kids and adults, and can be shared with family and friends on occasions like birthdays, Christmas, or Mother's Day.

7 - 219Pcs Resin Kit for Beginners
The Thrilez Resin Jewelry Kit offers an extensive collection of 219 pieces for resin crafting. The kit includes 10 jewelry molds, 2 bottles of A and B epoxy resin with measuring cups, stirring sticks, and finger cots, along with 22 tools, 12 glitters in various colors, 10 necklace cords, keychains, earring hooks (130 pieces), 12 plastic tools, a twist drill with 4 bits, 35 flowers, 3 foil flakes, and a convenient storage bag. The epoxy resin provided is essential for resin jewelry projects. The high elasticity silicone molds are durable, smooth, and resistant to tearing and deformation. With a sufficient supply of necklace cords and earring-making accessories included, this kit is an all-in-one solution for creating charming and personalized jewelry, including keychains, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and bracelets. The comprehensive set of tools makes it easier for beginners and enthusiasts to complete their jewelry projects.
8 - Crochetta Crochet Kit for Beginners
The CROCHETTA Beginner Crochet Kit offers an all-in-one solution for those looking to start their crochet journey. Available in four patterns designed for different skill levels, the kit includes 8 colored yarns, ample stuffing, a needle, eyes, stitch markers, ergonomic crochet hooks, scissors, a crochet cactus and succulent pattern, and a beginner's basic crochet manual. With an additional 40% of yarn in every color, beginners can experiment and correct mistakes without worrying about running out. The kit comes with step-by-step video tutorials tailored for complete beginners, making it easy for anyone to dive into their first crochet project. The larger size crochet family kits are perfect for home decor, symbolizing a loving family. Packaged in a gift box, this crochet set makes an ideal present for birthdays, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any occasion.
9 - DIY Hair Bow Making Kit
The "Designed by You Hair Bow Maker" kit allows you to design, create, wear, and share 5 big, beautiful hair bows. This complete hair bow maker kit includes 20+ feet of fabric ribbon, super-sized rhinestones, bow embellishments, craft glue, sturdy metal salon clips, a bow making tool, along with instructions and an idea guide. The specially designed hair bow making tool ensures easy and perfect bows every time, and the kit is great for sharing the fun at slumber parties or small group activities. Created by Creativity for Kids, a brand known for quality arts and crafts for kids since 1976, this kit offers a fun-filled opportunity for children to unleash their creativity.

10 - DIY Personalized Stepping Stones Kit
The "Create Your Own Stepping Stone" kit allows you to craft 4 custom 7-inch stepping stones using a 3D mold. The kit includes vibrant ceramic paints and gemstones to design unique color patterns, creating vivid hues and decorative accents on the beautiful stepping stones. The finished stones are for display only, and you can showcase them on a shelf, in an indoor plant, or in an outdoor garden, applying an exterior varnish for protection. This creative activity not only results in charming keepsakes but also helps improve fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and encourages creative expression. The kit comprises plaster mix bags, a molding tray, mixing stick, gloves, mask, paint brush, ceramic paint strip, plastic gems, ceramic tiles, sticker sheet, and easy-to-follow directions.
11 - 10Pcs Diamond Painting Coasters Kit
The Diamond Painting Kit includes 10 mandala-themed diamond painting coasters, cork pads, a cup holder, colorful diamonds, clay glue, pen, and diamond tray. This kit is designed for both adults and kids, offering hours of fun and the creation of sparkling artwork. The DIY process involves tearing off the protective film, picking up diamonds with tools, applying glue to the diamond pen, sticking corresponding diamonds on the coasters, and finally, attaching cork pads to the back. The coasters are made of thickened acrylic plastic, ensuring durability, and feature a cork bottom to prevent slipping and protect surfaces. It makes for a perfect gift for occasions like Valentine's Day, birthdays, Christmas, Mother's Day, and New Year's.
12 - Hanging Potted Plants Beginner Crochet Kit
The Hanging Potted Plants Crochet kit includes abundant yarns for practice, and it comes with detailed tutorials, including step-by-step full-color instructions and video tutorials suitable for both right and left-handed individuals. The tutorials clearly demonstrate crochet stitching, making it easy for beginners to follow. While learning may require some time and practice, the kit provides the necessary tools made of high-quality materials, ensuring durability and comfort in use. Once mastered, the crochet skills acquired from this kit can be applied to create decorative hanging potted plants for home or car decor. The finished projects also make for thoughtful gifts on birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasion.
13 - STMT D.I.Y. Bath Bomb Kit
Create a spa-like experience with the DIY Bath Bomb Kit, allowing you to craft 5 custom bath bombs for relaxation and rejuvenation. The set includes 6 vibrant mica powder colors, body glitter, and gold shimmer, letting you mix and match for personalized creations. Enriched with soothing essential oils like stress-relieving lavender, soul-warming vanilla, and dried rosebuds, these bath bombs provide a calming escape. The inclusion of moisturizing coconut oil ensures skin feels nourished after each bath. Committed to clean beauty, the kit features vegan-friendly formulas, excluding parabens, phthalates, and harsh chemicals. The set comprises dried rosebuds, coconut oil, a metal mold, baking soda, bath bomb mixtures, colorful mica powder, essential oil droppers, body glitter, and a project booklet.

14 - Christmas Hot Cocoa Diamond Painting Keychains Kit
The Diamond Key Chain Kit offers a delightful crafting experience with 24 keychains in 10 styles, golden key chains, 2 drill pens, 2 boxes, clay, and ample diamonds for various creations. Featuring an adorable hot cocoa design with winter elements, these ornaments bring warmth and joy. Crafted from quality acrylic and rhinestones, the finished products are durable and vibrant. Suitable for children and adults, this DIY kit fosters creativity, imagination, and manual skills. The set includes all necessary tools, making it easy to assemble and enjoy the process with family and friends. These versatile keychains can be used for gift and greeting card decoration, enhancing personal belongings with a stylish touch for various occasions.

15 - Luna Bean Hand Casting Kit 
The Couples Size Hand Casting Kit is a perfect gift for capturing special moments between loved ones. Designed for couples, it provides a unique and timeless keepsake to cherish. The kit uses Luna Bean's premium Step 1 alginate molding material, ensuring more working time, a stronger cast, and capturing intricate details. With a larger bucket and more materials than other kits, it can easily cast up to 2 adult hands, 2 adults plus 1 small child, or 2-4 young children. The kit includes a satisfaction guarantee, promising the best hand casting experience, and comes with a comprehensive set of materials and detailed instructions.

Exploring the diverse world of DIY kits opens up a realm of possibilities for creating thoughtful and personalized gifts for friends and family. Whether it's crafting handmade candles, designing unique jewelry, or trying out new artistic ventures, these kits provide an avenue for creativity and self-expression. The convenience of all-in-one packages, clear instructions, and the joy of crafting something with your own hands make these DIY kits a perfect choice for those seeking meaningful and heartfelt gifts. Embracing the DIY spirit not only allows for the creation of beautiful and functional items but also strengthens the bonds of friendship and family through shared creative experiences. So, dive into the world of DIY kits, and gift your loved ones with something truly special and crafted with love. <3

16 - Santune 4 Pack Embroidery kit

This Santune Embroidery Kit include all necessary tools, making it convenient for beginners. Each kit contains 2 bamboo embroidery hoops, 4 embroidered cloth pieces with animal patterns, 4 color threads, 8 embroidery needles, 1 needle threader, 1 pair of scissors, and 4 English instructions. The patterns on the cloth are easily followed, and after completion, the auxiliary pattern outline can be washed off. The detailed instructions make it easy for beginners, with adjustable hoops to prevent pattern deformation. This creative gift allows you to enjoy the embroidery process and share your completed cross stitch as a special and meaningful gift.
17 - Home Air Dry Clay Pottery Kit for Beginners
The Pott’d Air Dry Clay Pottery Kit is a lot of fun and super versatile! It includes two 1kg bags of premium air-dry clay, allowing you to make 8-10 average-sized creations or 2-4 large ones. It also features 5 wooden clay sculpting tools, a smoothing sponge, reusable fabric tool bag, and a Pott’d Quick-Start Guide for inspiration. The kit comes with 8 premium acrylic paints, 2 brushes, a white base coat, and a gloss varnish for a professional finish. After crafting, you can personalize your creation by adding plants, jewelry, or other trinkets. Perfect for creating personalized gifts to share for Christmas, birthdays, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or any other holiday or special occasion.

18 - ArtSkills Wood Burning Kit for Beginners
The Wood Burnering Design Studio Kit is a comprehensive art kit for creating beautiful wood burning art. It includes 5 wooden plaques, a wood burning pen with 5 interchangeable tips, a watercolor paint set, and paint brushes. The kit provides the option to use either personal designs or the 5 traceable designs and transfer paper. The wood burner pen allows for various strokes and textures, making it suitable for both thick strokes and fine details. Pyrography art is explored in this kit, offering a relaxing yet creative activity for all ages. It comes with fun premade designs, paper sheets, pencils, and a stencil sheet for customization. This woodburning kit serves as an excellent creative arts and crafts gift or to make gifts of your own to share.
19 - Deinduser Bracelet Making Kit
The Deinduser Bracelet Making Kit is perfect for making unique jewelry creations. It contains 4800 clay beads in 24 colors, 390 alphabet and number beads, various decorative elements like hearts, stars, and shells, so there's a lot of variety to choose from! Create custom and personalized gifts perfect for your friends and family!

20 - CraftZee Lip Balm Making Kit
The CraftZee lip balm making kit provides a solution for dry lips, allowing you to create your moisturizing lip care products with control over flavors and quality. The ultimate kit includes beeswax, shea butter, sweet almond oil, essential oils, plastic tubes, jars, tins, pipettes, sticks, and an instruction manual. The natural lip balms made with beeswax, shea butter, and almond oil offer smoothness and long-lasting moisture, ideal for dry, chapped lips. This DIY activity is suitable for kids, teens, and adults, offering a fun way to spend time with family and friends while creating personalized lip balms. It serves as a thoughtful gift for various occasions, allowing recipients to enjoy a hobby that promotes relaxation and creativity.

21 - Clay Luminaries Arts and Crafts Kit
This Clay Luminaries kit includes everything needed to create three candle holders: clay, luminary mold, plastic knife, roller, tube, and three flameless LED tea lights, along with step-by-step instructions. Unleash your creativity by choosing from 15 different clay color options to craft unique candle holders, experimenting with swirls, kneading, mixing, and matching. The non-toxic polymer clay requires kneading before rolling and should be baked at 275 degrees for 15-20 minutes. A fun and easy project that makes a wonderful gift!
22 - DIY Dream Catcher Kit
This DIY Dream Catcher Kit allows you to craft two beautiful dream catchers with all the necessary materials included: hoops, feathers, thread and needle, ribbons, beads, flowers, gems, and more. Suitable for all ages, from kids to adults, this enjoyable activity enhances fine motor skills and makes for a delightful gift. With easy-to-follow instructions, the kit is perfect for holiday and birthday gifts, encouraging creativity in both kids and adults. Creating dream catchers not only serves as a craft but also adds a personal touch to room decor, making it an excellent gift idea for teen or tween girls. Ideal for parties, sleepovers, or weekend craft projects, this kit offers a creative and decorative experience.
23 - Clay Jewelry Bowls Arts and Crafts Kit
This 28-piece DIY craft kit is designed for kids aged 8 and up to create three vibrant designer jewelry trinket dishes. The kit includes materials such as clay, a silicone bowl mold, cutting tools, templates, a roller, mat, gold metallic paint, an artist brush, and step-by-step instructions. Nine non-toxic polymer clay colors allow kids to mix and match, creating unique designs for the trinket dishes. Perfect for making Christmas or birthday  gifts, tween and preteen birthday parties, this arts and crafts project provides an fun and creative experience. The finished trinket dishes can be kept as personal treasures or given as gifts, making it a wonderful DIY gift that encourages creativity without the need for screens.
24 - Stained Glass Mandala Art Kit
This arts and crafts Stained Glass Mandala Art kit for adults and teens offers a stress-relieving coloring experience with 10 unique designs on blank window cling vinyls and 8 upgraded specialty markers in different colors. The fine-tip markers prevent streaking and provide bright, beautiful colors. The kit promotes stress and anxiety reduction while enhancing motor skills, vision, sleep, and focus. The vinyls are high-quality, easy to put up and remove, washable, UV-resistant, and suitable for all windows. The finished window clings can be applied to glass or mirrors, creating stunning stained glass effects. This kit makes for a perfect and unique gift, suitable for various occasions and ages from children 6+ years to seniors, fostering inter-generational bonding and creative joy.
25 - Clay Geode Wind Chime Craft Kit
This Make Your Own Clay Geode Wind Chime Kit includes 12 clay blocks (18 grams each), a roller, cutting tool, chime, glitter packet, strings of various lengths, bead rod, ring, rectangle bar, and an instruction booklet. The kit uses polymer clay, providing five different colors and requiring kneading before baking at 275 degrees for about 20 minutes. The easy-to-follow instructions guide you through blending the clay, baking, and assembling the wind chime. This creative project encourages screen-free fun, making it an ideal gift for both boys and girls who can take pride in creating a display-worthy or giftable wind chime.

26 - DIY Mosaic Picture Frame Craft Kit
This Picture Frame Craft Kit provides everything needed to decorate a wooden photo frame with shimmery colorful mosaic pieces made from mother of pearl shells. The kit includes 1 wooden photo frame for 4x6” or 5x7” photos, mosaic shells in beautiful colors, glue, and a spreader stick. Ideal for teens or kids, the sturdy frame and high-quality mosaic pieces make for an impressive gift. Packaged in an attractive, ready-to-wrap box, it fosters creativity, keeps kids busy, and encourages self-expression. The kit is designed for immediate use upon opening, allowing children to create a project they'll be proud to display.