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My Favorite fonts for Halloween
These fonts are fun to use for your spooky projects! 
by: Lindsay Allyn

I love fonts.  They are so much fun to play and create with! Since Halloween is just around the corner, I thought I'd put together a fun list of some of MY favorite fonts to use for Halloween projects or other spooky themed crafts.

If you'd like to learn more about working with fonts in your crafting, like how to turn your typed text into an SVG cut file for your electronic cutting machine, check out my digital tutorial library here!

Broomstick with Doodles

This font is so CUTE! It was created by Justina Tracy and you can find it here. It comes with all kinds of Halloween themed doodles as an alternate, so you can use this fun font that she's created to add text to your design, then you can use the clip art alternates to decorate it! Not a "spooky" font, but definitely a lot of fun! And like a lot of this artist's fonts, it will cut out great on an electronic cutting machine! 

(If you need a refresher on how to turn your text design into an SVG cut file, click here for my quick tutorial!)

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Jack Myers Font Family

This bone chilling Halloween font family was created by Dixie Type Co and includes THREE different fonts for you to use. That means you can use them by themselves OR MIX THEM UP to create the perfect look for your word art design! Add text using the standard "bones" letters, or change it up with the "Bats" or "Webs" versions! To find out more about this fond family, or purchase it, click here! And if you're wondering about using this font to create something you can cut out on your electronic cutting machine -- YES, this font will cut out nicely!

Serial Killer

​This super creepy looking font was made by Graphics Bundles and is available here. It's great for your SCARY projects!!! Though it's a little rough around the edges, as long as you aren't trying to cut it out really small, this font works fine on an electronic cutting machine! Perfect for making spooky signs to keep your trick-or-treaters on their toes!
Leggy Monster

Oh my gosh this one is so much FUN! I love all the little loopy and creative details on this font! This is another font by Justina Tracy from Crafty Little Nodes. She is such a talented designer! And her fonts are so easy to use! For this font, just capitalize the letters you want to have the extra details. The "lowercase" letters are the plain uppercase, without the spiders and webs. So when using it, just type away, and hold "Shift" down for any letters you want the spooky accents on! (Some of those details might be a little tricky if you try to cut them out real small, but for the most part, you could definitely use this font to create designs to cut out on your electronic cutting machine!) 

Dark Place

Here's another creepy one for you! "Dark Place" by FontsandFashion is a spooky hard lettered font that is great for making handmade signs for your Halloween tricked out yard, invites or decor for your Halloween party and more! I love the shadowed layered look above! To get that same effect, type out your text, then create an identical copy, change the color to black, layer it below your original copy, then move it over and down a little bit, and the black copy will look like a shadow behind! A great way to add some dimension to your digital art!  You can purchase this font on DesignBundles here!

Wizard School Duo

This magical font DUO, by Darcy Baldwin Fonts is perfect for your wizarding crafts and scrapbooking needs!  I LOVE DUOS and FONT FAMILIES!   Duos and Family font sets come pre matched/paired up by the designer themselves, so you KNOW they're going to look great together, and this Wizard School Duo is no different! Mix and match the fonts, or use them on their own, to create your perfect design! 

The Graveyard

This is another font that comes with SOME EXTRAS! It includes 10 Halloween icon designs that you can access using the number keys, so it's really easy to add in some spooky accents! Designed by DMLetterstudio and available on DesignBundles, you can find it here. This one is PERFECT for cutting out on an electronic cutting machine, so you can create all kinds of fun, handmade things, like iron-on shirts, vinyl projects, paper crafts and more!
Little Munstar

Um, This one is FREE, or at least it is right now while I'm writing this! I sure hope you are able to snag a free copy too because it. is. ADORABLE!  These little monsters are more cute than scary, and so perfect for playful and fun Halloween designs and crafts for little kiddos! This font is courtesy of FontBundles and available here for a limited time

Midnight Story

I actually bought this font just because I LOVED it -- not for Halloween in particular. I've used it so many times, for so many different occasions. But when I was searching through my fonts looking for great Halloween fonts, I Knew it had to be on my list! (And since it's So versatile, you'll Really get your $$$'s worth out of it!) 

This amazing font was created by TheInkAffair and is available on FontBundles here. And guess what? It's another FONT FAMILY! So you'll get several variations of Midnight Story to play around with! The little swirly doodles are *my* favorite. So fun! 

Halloween SVG Spotlight: Evgeniias_Art on Design Bundles

This Skeleton font by KA Designs is one of my very favorite Halloween finds! All the hand drawn doodles are so playful and fun!  It's a great font to use to make signs, invitations, printables and more! There's a lot going on-it's not the same accents over and over, but they aren't "overdone" at all! The simple doodles are the perfect amount of "busy" to grab your attention, but not be too much. I LOVE this font

*It may not cut out well, in smaller sizes, on an electronic cutting machine though, so be careful and test cut letters in the size you want before doing your entire project. Those thin lines could be tricky! But will DEFINITELY work for your digital or printed designs! ;)

This Trio of Spooky Fonts is another font family created by the amazing font designer Justina Tracy. You can get this set on FontBundles.net here. This trio was designed to be layered! It comes with 3 different fonts plus some spooky extras, so go to town stacking designs on top of each other to create a really unique design! Perfect for creating incredible scrapbook & paper craft embellishments, signs, sublimation / ink transfer crafts, and digital designs!

Best Seller Halloween Crafting Bundle

SEVERAL of the fonts that I'd chosen for this list are by the same designer, DMLetterStudio, and happen to be in this amazing bundle set the designer is currently offering on FontBundles! It's regular price is a great deal in itself, but as I'm writing this post in August 2019, this set is even further discounted for a limited time! So if you're lucky enough to see this set on sale for HALF OFF -- don't miss your chance! It has 20 different fonts plus some great extras, so you can design a LOT of fun stuff with it! The Graveyard, I loved so much I shared it above, but there were a few others that really jumped out to me. The Night Mare, Halloween Dingbats, Stranger, The Witch... Definitely check out this bundle set if you're looking for a bunch of great Halloween fonts to play around with!


This quirky, hand-drawn font is a little spooky, a lot fun! I Love the fun curled ends! Created by Denise Chandler, and can be found on FontBundles.net, here. It's advertised as a Halloween font -- but it could definitely be used for other fun occasions! I think it's just too cute!


Are you a FontBundles PLUS MEMBER? If you are, you can just go download this font FOR FREE! It's one of their perks of membership! Not a member? You can sign up for a free 7 day trial and get instant access to it! I love this font and have used it quite a bit! Type a lowercase "o" to get a jack-o-lantern. The lowercase "i" is also dotted with a small jack-o-lantern! I used this jack-o-lantern to create the Pinterest Pin below! If you enjoyed this page, be sure to pin it to one of your Pinterest boards to save it for later!

Doctor Armstrong

You may have noticed a great, spooky looking font in my first picture up at the top of the page. It's called Doctor Armstrong and I actually found it by accident when I purchased THIS amazing font bundle  by Joanne Marie, that includes 60 different great fonts that you'll be able to use for all sorts of crafts and digital projects all year round! But I especially felt like this font needed to be on my list! It's not great for cutting out on an electronic craft machine -- too many small details! But it will work great for your printable and digital projects, including sublimation and ink transfer crafts! 
Dark Heart

 This is another one that probably would be difficult to cut out on your electronic cutting machine, but you could use it to make all kinds of amazing digital or printed designs! I think this font is just amazing! I love the brushed look of the letters! This is a nice, bold font too, so it will show up well, even on a busier background, so you can use it to create overlays to place on top of your digital photos! It was created by VPCreativeShop and you can find it available for purchase here.
Another Scream

Here's another super creepy one I fell in love with when I saw. Another Scream was designed by OCSStudio and you can find it here. It's not as scary in black, but create something in RED and it's definitely spooky!  This one will be pretty tricky to cut out with all those little details, but sublimation / ink transfer crafts and other printed projects or digital designs? Absolutely!  I definitely think this one is the 2nd scariest on my list, but keep reading for my last Halloween font pick -- which I also happen to think is the scariest as well! 

Lost in the Woods

This font CREEPS ME OUT! The NAME, the "handmade with knife" look...it's PERFECT to wrap up my Halloween font roundup with! Created by Dasagani, you can find it on FontBundles.net here. The artist actually created this all caps font ... by drawing them with a paint knife! So creative! I love how it turned out (and definitely think it's scary as hell)!   If you need a scary font for your next graphic design project, or scary Halloween craft project, be sure to check it out!