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If your recipe cards are double sided , you'll want to make copies so you can display both sides of the card. For the pictured project, I used single sided cards, because it was important to me to only use originals.  Also, if you are indeed using Grandma's recipe cards for this project, the paper may be a little old and brittle.  I'd recommend using some cotton gloves and possibly a good pair of tweezers to minimize contact as oils from your skin can be very harmful!

Attach your recipe cards to the cardstock using the photo corners. Using the photo corners will not only help to protect your cards from damaging adhesive, but they allow you to remove the card and swap it out if you choose.

Use the screwdriver (optional) to help you remove the backs of the picture frames, and add the cardstock with recipe card. Replace the back of the picture frame and hang in your kitchen.
Grandma's Recipe Cards
by: Lindsay Allyn
My Great Web page
For this project you will need:


-Recipe cards

-5"x7" picture frames

-5"x7" cardstock that matches your kitchen 

-Photo corners 


-Flat head screw driver (optional)

Grandma's Recipe Cards

After you've digitalized and preserved Grandma's recipe cards, pick out your favorites to use in this project for your kitchen.  
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