If you have a binding machine, chances are good you also have little leftover bits of spiral binding from projects past. It's time to put them to good use -- Along with your paper scraps. (You DO save your paper scraps, right? Waste not, want not! I keep several bins and sort them by size and color. They come in handy for lots of projects!)

If you don't already own a binding machine and are in the market, I recommend Zutter's Bind It All - It's small, relatively inexpensive and easy to use. If you would rather purchase already made mini books, click the link above or visit our online store. We sell a variety of styles. 

Okay, grab your scraps and lets get started! Choose what size books you'd like to make and cut your white cardstock to those dimensions. Use your colored or printed cardstock to cut out a front and back cover. I like to make my cover pages slightly bigger than the inside pages so that on the opening side of the book, the covers overhang and protect the edges of the inner pages. If you're looking for a fast and efficient way to cut your pages, think about investing in a Zutter Dreamkuts machine or something similar. It will cut your pages accurately in a fraction of the time as a craft knife and straight edge or many paper trimmers.  

DIY Letterboxing Logbooks / Journals

Whether you're into letterboxing or you just want some tiny pads to practice your sketches or literary skills, these little books are perfect -- and fairly easy to make!

Archival Quality Art Journals
by: Lindsay Allyn
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​For best results, use only acid and lignin free paper and supplies. This will help preserve your book, making it last longer. This is especially important for letterboxing books since they will be up against tougher elements, pass through lots of hands, and probably hold a variety of inks -- some of which may not be acid free. So be sure to use high quality products when constructing your books to ensure their longevity. 

Follow the instructions for your binding machine to punch and assemble the books. Add a personal touch by decorating the covers in the same theme as your letterbox or other project. 

If you plan to hide the little 4 oz tapered bottom Lock N Lock containers, you'll need to make some pretty tiny books. For these containers I like to make small hexagon shaped books with my Fiskars 1.75" Hexagon punch. You can also use a 1.5" Round punch. Use a standard hole punch and ribbon for the binding.  The pages fit perfectly in the container and don't waste precious space on a metal, spiral binding. 

Up for a bigger challenge? Our Stamp-in-a-Book video tutorial will teach you how to add a hidden compartment in your book to conceal your stamp! This concept is great for both personal journals (you'll always have your signature stamp right at hand when you pull out your book to record your finds) as we all logbooks for letterboxes placed out in the field. 
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Keep scrolling to the bottom of this page for more pictures of miniature archival art journals that we've made and use them as inspiration to make your own!
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