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Top Advent Calendars for 2023
Celebrate the season with festive and creative calendars for Advent 
by: Lindsay Allyn

As the holiday season draws near, the anticipation of festive cheer and delightful surprises fills the air. One timeless tradition that adds a daily dose of excitement to the countdown is the beloved advent calendar. With each passing day, these miniature treasure troves unveil a new treat or trinket, making the journey to Christmas morning all the more magical.

In my quest to help you find the perfect advent calendar for the upcoming season, I've scoured the virtual aisles of Amazon to curate a roundup of the top-rated Advent Calendars for 2023. From festive socks, to dinosaurs, puzzles, and ponies, this list of top selling calendars has something for everyone!

Join me on a journey through a world of festive surprises as I explore the best advent calendars Amazon has to offer this year. Whether you're searching for the ideal gift or looking to elevate your own holiday traditions, this comprehensive guide is here to assist you in unwrapping joy throughout the holiday season.
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1 - Pukka Herbs Herbal Tea Advent Calendar
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The Pukka Tea 2023 Advent Calendar is an ideal gift or tea sampler for Advent 2023, providing an alternative to traditional chocolate calendars. This unique calendar caters to herbal tea enthusiasts, offering 24 different organic blends. Each day brings a delightful new flavor, ranging from calming herbs for relaxation to refreshing ingredients that awaken the senses. Crafted by herbal experts and nutritionists, these blends are expertly curated with the highest quality ingredients, ensuring a daily journey into the essence of Pukka Tea's distinctive flavors.
2 - Christmas Warm Cotton Socks Countdown Calendar
The Super Value Pack Christmas Holiday Socks Advent Calendar features 12 packs of socks (8 short and 4 long) with festive patterns like Santa, Snowman, Elf, and Polar Bear. Packaged in a colorful 12 Days of Advent Box, these socks are designed for endless fun as you open one door a day for 12 days. Perfectly sized for women.   Make the countdown to Christmas as exciting as the holiday itself with this interactive and delightful advent calendar.
3 - Mattel Jurassic World Dominion 2023 Holiday Advent Calendar
Experience the excitement of Jurassic World Dominion at home with this advent calendar featuring 100% diverse materials. Count down the 24 days of December with daily surprises, including mini dinosaurs, human figures, gates, and platform pieces to build a thrilling year-end play area. With a total of 30 pieces, collect them all to assemble a captivating scene. The standalone minis and pieces are built at a 1.125-inch human figure scale, making it an ideal anticipation-filled gift for fans of Jurassic World and dinosaurs aged 4 years and older.
4 - Xmas Countdown Calendar DIY Jewelry Making Kit
The Christmas Bracelet Calendar is a delightful advent calendar featuring 22 charm beads and 2 bracelet chains to create two Christmas bracelets. The charms showcase various festive themes like Santa Claus, Christmas trees, stockings, and more, each unique and finely crafted. Made from premium non-toxic plastic and environmental alloy, the bracelet is 6.3 inches long, perfect for girls' arms.

Packaged in a Christmas countdown box with small windows from December 1st to Christmas Eve, it offers a daily arts and crafts activity for the 24 days before Christmas, allowing girls to personalize their own Xmas bracelets. The easy-to-use bracelet chain features a barrel charm clasp and innovative threading system, making it simple to create and change bracelets at will. This Christmas jewelry advent calendar is a fun and engaging alternative to traditional chocolate or candy calendars, making the countdown to Christmas a memorable experience for children.
5 - 24 Days Surprise Christmas Mermaid Advent Calendar
The 2023 Christmas Mermaid Advent Calendar features 24 surprise gifts for an enchanting and memorable holiday experience. The calendar includes 24 boxes with a variety of gifts, such as hair accessories, jewelry, a mermaid purse, fidget toys, puzzles, stickers, sunglasses, and more (some items come in random colors).

Designed with charming Christmas and mermaid elements, the calendar's beautiful packaging adds to the joy of receiving it

Make this Christmas extra special with the perfect gift for girls – the Christmas Mermaid Advent Calendar, filled with irresistible and fun mermaid-themed surprises!
6 - NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Gemstone Advent Calendar
Unveil the magic of gemstones with the advent calendar that reveals a new gem each day in anticipation of Christmas. With 24 stunning, polished gems, including agate, green aventurine, hematite, sodalite, turquenite, tiger's eye, blue calcite, and more, kids can build a captivating collection. The final day adds excitement as children unearth a magnificent rose quartz from a mini dig brick, emulating the experience of a real geologist.

Complete with a collector's pouch for safekeeping, this calendar goes beyond the countdown to Christmas by offering five jewelry settings. This allows kids to create their own unique jewelry using the gemstones, bringing joy and creativity throughout the year. The perfect blend of education and excitement, this gemstone advent calendar promises a gem-filled holiday season for curious minds.
7 - Fidget Advent Calendar 2023
Uncover 24 unrepeatable surprises, from bouncing dolls to mochi squishy toys, as you open each box in the countdown to Christmas. This advent calendar promises a unique surprise every day, captivating kids and keeping them excited throughout the 24 days before Christmas. With its wide variety of surprises, this calendar makes for an ideal Christmas toy gift for kids, teens, and adults, adding a special touch to the holiday season for the whole family.
8 - Breyer Horses 2023 Holiday Collection
Experience the enchantment of the holiday season with the Unicorn Magic Advent Calendar from Breyer's 26th Holiday Collection. This advent calendar brings joy to Christmas countdowns with 15 colorful Mini Whinnies unicorns, various accessories, and a special animal friend concealed behind the numbered doors. Measuring approximately 16" L x 14" H, this collectible calendar is part of Breyer's longstanding tradition of creating handcrafted, detailed horse models. As a part of their 26th-year holiday collection, Breyer continues to capture the magic of the season through realistic sculptures and unique items that celebrate the love of horses, making each model horse a one-of-a-kind work of art. This Advent Calendar is the perfect addition to your holiday festivities, combining the joy of Christmas with the wonder of these exquisite handcrafted horses.
9 - 2023 Christmas Jigsaw Advent Calendar
The 2023 Christmas Advent Calendar Puzzle, features 25 numbered boxes with a total of 1000 pieces. This interactive puzzle game invites you to complete a portion of the puzzle each day from December 1st to 25th, with the final image in Box 25 revealing the tearing off of the calendar for the 24th to usher in Christmas Day on December 25th.

The Christmas Countdown Calendar Jigsaw Puzzle showcases festive elements like snowflakes, gifts, snowmen, Christmas trees, and bells in each picture, creating a joyful and warm Christmas ambiance. Packaged as an ideal Christmas gift, the puzzle's meticulous design and exquisite box make it a luxurious and festive choice for friends and family.

10 - Play-Doh Advent Calendar
 This Play-Doh Advent Calendar offers 24 days of surprises for kids. Each perforated door reveals a Play-Doh can and fun surprise tools, fostering creative activities throughout December. The box includes tear-off playmats featuring snowman and gingerbread scenes, with surprises from days 1-12 completing the snowman and 13-24 completing the gingerbread.

The calendar includes 24 Play-Doh cans, with a variety of colors like red, green, blue, white, and a special 2-ounce can of white Play-Doh Sparkle compound. Festively fun activities await, including creation cards that inspire arts and crafts activities for kids. Ideal for 3-year-olds and up, this Play-Doh Advent Calendar ensures a collection of festive tools and colors by the end of the countdown, providing endless play and creativity throughout the holiday season.
11 -  The Silent Storm Family Game Cooperative Advent Calendar
Unveil the thrill of the holiday season with this unique advent calendar featuring 24 days of engaging puzzles that guide you through a captivating Christmas mystery. Designed for solo or group play, this is the latest EXIT advent calendar released in North America. Dive into escape room-style challenges, where you'll rip, discover, write on, and cut components to solve riddles. As a storm hits the North Pole, the objective is to find Santa, unravel the workshop mysteries, and save Christmas. Get ready for an immersive and festive adventure throughout the countdown to the most wonderful time of the year.
12 - 2023 Christmas Tree Building Toy Set with LED light
The Advent Calendar 2023 Building Kit is a delightful way to celebrate the Christmas season from December 1st to 24th. It includes 24 numbered boxes, and by opening one each day, you can construct a Christmas tree with your own hands, culminating in a festive masterpiece on Christmas Eve. The 1066-piece kit offers an immersive 24-day block-building journey, allowing you to create a unique Christmas tree adorned with lights, presents, ornaments, and charming decorations like cute little trains and snowmen.

13 - Bluey's Exclusive Advent Calendar Pack
Join the Heelers in a classic Aussie Christmas with Bluey's Exclusive Advent Calendar Pack. Behind 24 different windows, discover 24 surprises, including toy figures of Bluey, Bingo, and Bartlebee. Bluey and Bingo are dressed in their favorite Christmas jumpers, and the calendar includes 16 accessories and 5 stickers. Uncover a mini Christmas tree, assemble it, and place the gifts underneath. This exclusive pack provides an exciting way to build up the anticipation for Christmas day throughout the month of December.
14 - NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Magic Advent Calendar
Embark on a magical adventure every day with this National Geographic advent calendar that brings together 24 magic tricks and science experiments! Combine excitement and education during the holidays with easy set-up, as everything needed for each activity is included. Celebrate the season with 15 classic magic tricks, such as making a coin disappear, and conduct 9 astounding science experiments, including creating a square bubble and revealing secret messages. Additionally, instructional videos from a professional magician are provided, ensuring a perfect performance for each magical moment throughout the 24 days.
15 - LEGO Marvel Avengers 2023 Advent Calendar
The 2023 LEGO Marvel Avengers Advent Calendar offers 24 gifts for young superheroes, each behind a door to kick-start a new adventure. The gifts include 7 Super Hero Minifigures: Okoye, Doctor Strange, Captain America, Spider-Man, Wong, Iron Man, and Black Widow, along with mini builds and accessories inspired by Marvel movies. Mini build models include a Quinjet, jetpack, ice hockey kit, Hydra Train, and more. As the big day approaches, kids can mix and match the daily collectible surprises to recreate favorite scenes and Marvel adventures. This holiday gift for kids aged 7 and up provides 24 days of surprise treats and is compatible with other LEGO Marvel building sets, allowing for endless imaginative fun that lasts for months.
As we wrap up our exploration of the most delightful Advent Calendars for 2023, it's evident that the joy of the holiday season comes in many shapes and sizes. From sweet treats to charming surprises, each calendar brings its own unique flair to the countdown to Christmas. Whether you're savoring gourmet chocolates, embracing the magic of Disney, or embarking on daily fishing adventures, there's an Advent Calendar tailored to every taste and interest. As we eagerly anticipate the festive season, these calendars not only add a touch of excitement to our daily routines but also serve as heartwarming reminders of the joy that awaits us as we approach the most wonderful time of the year. Happy counting down and may your holidays be filled with surprises and merriment!

16 - LEGO Friends 2023 Advent Calendar
The 2023 LEGO Friends Advent Calendar is a Christmas holiday countdown packed with pet-themed activities. Kids can enjoy building a festive pet playground as they open the doors each day to countdown to Christmas adventures. The set includes 10 LEGO Friends characters and features fun Christmas activities, providing hours of role-play fun. With 24 mini build toys, kids can create various pet adventures within the pet playground. Suitable for ages 6 and up, this creative Advent Calendar makes for a delightful gift and a fun activity to enjoy throughout December and beyond.
17 - Thomas & Friends MINIS Advent Calendar 2023
Count down to Christmas with the Thomas & Friends MINIS Advent Calendar, featuring 24 miniature toy trains and railway vehicles. Open one window each day from December 1st to the 24th to reveal a surprise miniature toy. By Christmas Day, kids will have a collection of Thomas & Friends pals for exciting push-along train play, including 6 exclusive holiday-themed miniature train engines and other railway vehicles. This advent calendar not only brings joy but also helps strengthen fine motor skills and encourages imaginative pretend play for preschool kids aged 3 years and older.
18 - Kinder Holiday 2023 Advent Calendar
The Kinder Holiday Mix Countdown Calendar is a delightful 24-piece Advent Calendar filled with delicious holiday treats. Count down to the holidays with a festive holiday house featuring 24 windows, each containing a different crispy or creamy Kinder holiday chocolate treat. Discover assorted, individually wrapped delights such as Kinder Happy Hippo, Kinder Bueno Mini, Kinder Chocolate Mini, Kinder Chocolate Happy, Kinder Cards, and Kinder Chocolate Mini Eggs. Loved by all, these treats offer a delicious way to celebrate childhood and the holiday season with the whole family.
19 - Funko Pop! Disney: Advent Calendar
Get ready for extra magic this holiday season with the Disney Funko Advent Calendar. Featuring Mickey Mouse, this calendar brings good cheer to your winter celebrations. Open the tiny doors to reveal 24 unique Funko Pocket Pops! showcasing Mickey and his pals dressed in their holiday finest. Each collectible adds a festive twist to their typical look, making them a delightful addition to your holiday décor. Note that the Pocket Pop! 
20 - Barbie Cutie Reveal Advent Calendar
The Barbie Cutie Reveal Advent Calendar offers a festive countdown with 24 cutie surprises in one package, bringing delight every day. The set includes a Barbie doll and a Cutie Snowflake Sparkle Deer costume to reveal on the first day, followed by winter-themed items like mittens, boots, and snow-themed clothes. Unbox more surprises such as a headpiece, jewelry, and sparkly accessories to style the doll uniquely. The calendar also features 2 cute mini-pets with accessories and color-change eyes that respond to icy cold or warm water. Additional winter wonderland gifts include a camera, mug, snow boots, and holiday cookies. Suitable for kids aged 3 and older, the Barbie Cutie Reveal Advent Calendar makes a great gift, allowing them to mix and match accessories for endless winter fun.
21 - Vermont Christmas Company Christmas Cheer Chocolate Advent Calendar
The Vermont Christmas Company Christmas Cheer Chocolate Advent Calendar features windows that open to reveal gourmet milk chocolate along with verses from "Twas the Night Before Christmas." A delicious daily treat to enjoy each day for the 24 days leading up to Christmas, this traditional Chocolate Advent calendar never disappoints!
22 - Mattel Minecraft Toys, Mob Head Minis Advent Calendar
The Minecraft Advent Calendar offers a holiday celebration filled with gifts and surprises in the Minecraft style. Featuring 24 doors to open, each day reveals a new discovery, including figures of characters like Steve and mobs, along with various accessories designed with the pixelated look of the video game. This advent calendar makes an excellent gift for video game fans who love adventure, suitable for ages 6 years old and up. It provides adventurous fun for kids who enjoy exploration, storytelling, and creativity in the Minecraft world.
23 - Polly Pocket Dolls Advent Calendar
The Polly Pocket Advent Calendar Playset offers a festive experience with 25 surprises, including 2 dolls and 27 accessories. Starting with a surprise gift on day one, kids can unveil a new winter-themed surprise each day for the next 24 days. The playset includes a gingerbread house with multiple rooms, allowing kids to celebrate the season and play with their surprise gifts inside. Engage in the festivities with themed play pieces, such as a Christmas tree that opens to reveal presents or skis that the dolls can clip onto, providing a variety of activities for endless holiday fun.
24 - Funko Pop! Holiday Calendar - Pokemon
The Pokémon 24 Day Advent Calendar brings your dream of becoming a Trainer within reach! Countdown to your favorite holiday or special occasion with this calendar. Open the tiny doors to reveal 24 unique Funko Pocket Pops! featuring some of your most beloved Pokémon. Each day, catch a new Pocket Pop! to add to your collection. The figures vary in height depending on the character, with a maximum height of 2 inches tall. Get ready for a Pokémon-filled countdown experience!
25 - Mattel Disney Princess Advent Calendar
The Disney Princess Advent Calendar is a special holiday treat inspired by popular Disney movies. Featuring 24 days of surprises, kids can count down to the holidays with a unique gift to open each day. The gifts include 4 small Princess dolls (Tiana, Cinderella, Ariel, and Belle) with removable holiday-themed skirts and winter capes. Additionally, the calendar includes 4 friend figures (Flounder, Sebastian, Jaq, Lumiere, and Naveen) from various Disney Princess movies. The package boasts a winter scene for playing and displaying surprises, along with pop-out play pieces like a holiday tree and snowman. Fans can collect all the Disney Princess dolls and playsets to build the ultimate kingdom for the holidays, with each sold separately.
26 - Rubber Duck 24 Days of Countdown to Christmas
The Rubber Duck 24 Day advent calendar features 24 days of joy with delightful Christmas rubber ducks behind each door, turning December into a month-long celebration. Suitable for all ages and occasions, including kids, girls, boys, and adults, these rubber ducks add a sprinkle of holiday magic to daily routines. Crafted with care, the rubber duckies come in various designs. 
27 - Super Mario Advent Calendar 2023 Limited Christmas Edition
The Super Mario Advent Calendar for 2023 offers a festive countdown to Christmas. It includes 24 popular Super Mario characters and accessories, featuring special releases like Santa Mario, Snowman Mario, Snowman Luigi, and more. Each figure and accessory is hidden behind a numbered door for a surprise element. Additionally, the set includes pop-up environment pieces for displaying your favorite figures and creating your own festive scene.
28 - Lindt Holiday Chocolate Teddy Bear Advent Calendar
The Lindt Teddy Advent Calendar features a variety of individually wrapped Lindt chocolates, including Lindt Mini Bear Milk Chocolate, Lindt Mini Bear Friends Double Milk Chocolate, LINDOR Mini Milk Chocolate Balls, Mini Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Balls, Mini Milk Chocolate Balls, Mini Double Milk Chocolate Balls, and Lindt Mini Milk Chocolate Neapolitans. Crafted by Lindt Master Chocolatiers, the Lindt Teddy, made from the finest Lindt Milk Chocolate, serves as a heartwarming symbol of love and care for Christmas. Lindt chocolates offer a distinctly smooth and rich gourmet taste, embodying the passion and expert craftsmanship of the Lindt Master Chocolatiers. This adorable advent calendar provides a charming Christmas countdown, making it a delightful gift for friends and family, offering Lindt chocolate joy every day in December.
29 - Funko Advent Calendar: The Nightmare Before Christmas
The Nightmare Before Christmas Advent Calendar from Funko allows you to count down the holidays with 24 different Pocket Pop! vinyl figures hidden behind little doors. All the characters featured are from Nightmare Before Christmas, including favorites like Jack Skellington and Oogie Boogie. The Pocket Pop! vinyl figures vary in height depending on the character, with a maximum height of 2 inches tall. This advent calendar offers a fun way to collect all Nightmare Before Christmas products from Funko while enjoying a surprise character each day in the countdown to the holidays.
30 - Fish Lure Advent Calendar
The Fishing Lures Advent Calendar for 2023 offers a thrilling experience with 12/24 fishing lures suitable for freshwater or saltwater lakes. Designed in the shape of fish, the advent calendar adds a touch of realism and beauty to your holiday decor with lifelike body texture, 3D eyes, and eye-catching fish shapes. The lures are made of high-quality materials, featuring durable hooks and super-realistic fish patterns to increase their appeal. Whether fishing in rivers, lakes, ponds, or the sea, these lures meet various needs and make catching trout and bass easy. This advent calendar makes a perfect gift for anglers of all skill levels, offering a wide range of versatile lures for both freshwater and saltwater use.