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DIY Scratch-Off Tickets
by: Lindsay Allyn
These scratch ticket style Valentines are fun to make, and fun to scratch too! Use the printable provided, or make your own cards, then use our step-by-step tutorial to hide the secret message with a scratch off layer. 
Supplies and Materials:

-Scratch Ticket Valentine Template
(you can find several available in my shop, but below are 2 free templates)

-8.5"x11" piece of white cardstock (per set of four Valentines)


-Paper trimmer or craft knife

-White crayon

-Acrylic paint (I used red, and red with a little white mixed in to make the pink)

-Dawn Liquid dish soap (** I ONLY use Dawn in my house because I love how much they help and support nature! Amazon Pantry has a great price on their 2 pack here! **)

-Paint brush(es) (If you don't have any on hand, try out this set on Amazon. It's what I use and they work great! I love that it comes with the paint pallets too! A huge value overall!)

I love unique Valentines, so I created this set for something a little different. Sign up for my email list below to download 2 of my scratch ticket templates shown in this tutorial, create your own card designs, or browse the templates available in my online shop. Then add your own secret message and cover with the scratch off layer using the instructions below. 
Once the paint is completely dry, fill out the "To" and "From" sections on the front, and use a piece of tape to adhere a coin for scratching (optional).  

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Create a texture that can be scratched off easily without damaging the layer of wax (or the text underneath) by mixing approximately 3 parts acrylic paint with 1 part liquid dish soap. Use this paint/soap mixture to color in the hearts, on top of the layer of crayon. To completely conceal the hidden text, you will need 3-4 layers of paint. Be sure to allow each layer to dry completely to avoid peeling. 

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Print your Valentines onto 8.5"x11" white cardstock and cut out. If your children are old enough to color in the lines (or there abouts) this can be a fun project for them to help out with.  Use a white crayon to completely color in all six hearts on each Valentine.