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Valentine Crafts for Kids
DIY projects you can do with your kids to help them share some love on February 14th! 
by: Lindsay Allyn

Looking for some fun projects to do with the kids to celebrate Valentine's Day? This page is a collection of festive ideas for kids of all ages!  

Create a scratch off layer to conceal a hidden message with these ready to go templates and easy to follow tutorial!

This project is super easy! The hardest part is waiting for the paint to dry! Try creating your paint concoction in a small jar (a baby food one will work great) so you can preserve it in between applying layers. Learn how to make the magic mixture, and get the full tutorial and templates here. 
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Here's a thoughtful treat that even the birds will love! 

These handmade bird feeders are quick and easy to make, just make sure you leave enough time for them to dry (several hours, or better yet, just leave them to dry overnight!) You can customize them with dried fruits and berries, and although little hands might need a little extra help (and supervision -- they definitely shouldn't eat the bird seed!) this is an activity that is fun for all ages! Get the full recipe and tutorial here!
"Owl" be your Valentine! 

How fun is this easy project?! And Whooo doesn't love owls?! This kit comes with all the foam pieces your kids will need to make 12 of these adorable lil' guys -- and you'll love that they are self-adhesive! No messy glue for this Valentine's Day craft project!
Fun Valentine's Day Headbands and other Valentine Activities by EventstoCelebrate.net 

Here's a great page you have to check out by Tia Fowles over at EventstoCelebrate.net! Not only does it have a quick tutorial for these fun, festive headbands, but she also shares a list of some other activities your kids will love, including a printable Valentine's Bingo game! 
This bag is so easy to make that even your kids can make one, with a little help! Such a fun idea, on an amazing blog by V and Co.

Okay, here's an impressive project that, with a little help, is great for all ages! This amazing tutorial from V and Co is awesome and so easy to follow! Help your child make a unique reusable bag that will show how much they care, AND help save the planet at the same time! 
This project is a little messy and time consuming, but OH. SO. WORTH IT! I hope you've been saving your paper scraps! 

I've done this project several times, and I just love it. Once you make your first batch, you'll be hooked! This project requires a blender, so little hands will defintiely need help, but there's plenty that kids can jump in and do on to make this fun paper! From tearing up the scraps, to helping create the color mixtures -- even the selection and addition of the flower seeds! It's fun to play with the look of the paper by changing how much or little you blend your mixture. Blend it more for a more even color, or leave it more chunky for a fun, more textured look! Mix in the flower seeds and create paper that will live on long past the holiday! Learn how to make this fun paper here, and then use the paper to create cards and all sorts of fun paper gifts
Everyone loves monsters when there're as cute as these guys! A fun Valentine craft to share with the class!

This set says it comes with "3 Designs" but with all the little foam stickers to customize them, your kids can EASILY create 12 unique Valentines to share with the class! All the decorative pieces are backed with adhesive -- don't you love kid crafts that don't require GLUE?!
If you're looking for a gift your child can make and share with a loved one, here's a gift even the birds will enjoy! 

This bright bird house would look awesome in anyone's  backyard or garden! If you want to add a little something extra, you can can pair it up with the handmade bird feeders from earlier on the page!

Printable Valentine's Day Activity Sheets

This festive challenge comes with 5 different maze designs, decorated with adorable Valentine's Day clip art. Print them out or solve them on a digital device (in compatible editing programs, just overlay a draw layer!). Easy to use and a fun Valentine's Day activity for kids!

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