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The Scrap Room
Flower Arrangement

What's better than making a homemade card for a loved one?  Making two at the same time!  Grab your favorite stamp and let's turn it into a mini puzzle... twice!
Flower Arrangement
by: Leslie Berg
For this project you will need:


-Paper cutter

-3" x 3" flower stamp.  If you don't have one this size, you can use a larger stamp and cut the stamped images down to size.

-Two ink pads: one black and the other in a color that matches your patterned paper (listed under supplies below)


-Two sheets of complimentary floral patterned paper, one in color and the other in black/white.  

-Blank card or 8.5" x 5.5" piece of card stock folded in half
-12" length of ribbon


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Stamp your image onto both sheets of patterned paper with your black ink.  Stack one sheet on top of the other and ensure that they are aligned. It's important that they are aligned exactly, as we will be piecing them back together, and the edges will need to match up. Using your paper slicer, cut both sheets into one inch squares.  You'll have 18 pieces total: nine in color and nine in black/white.
This is where we'll separate the pieces for the two cards. Each card will have a checkerboard of pieces; they should alternate black/white and color as shown in the image below.
Using your colored ink pad, lightly brush the edges of each of our one-inch cutouts.  Don't be afraid to get a little messy; we don't want perfect edges here.
Now we're going to adhere the pieces to the front of the card.  I started with the top center piece so I could more easily identify the center of the card.  Once they're all together you can add a sentiment beneath it in your own handwriting or with a stamp.  I used "love is in the air" because it's a wedding congratulations card.  
After you've written your note in the card, use your length of ribbon to tie between the sentiment and assembled cutouts and tie a small knot or bow (if you want a bow, you'll need several more inches of ribbon).  The second card will be made the exact same way, with the remaining nine cutout pieces. Use the same sentiment or use a different one and change the theme entirely!

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