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Spark Creativity with these DIY Gifts for Kids
These kits are perfect for sparking their imagination 
by: Lindsay Allyn

In the vast realm of online shopping, Amazon stands as a digital wonderland where possibilities are endless and hidden gems abound. If you're on the lookout for imaginative and entertaining gifts that can be conveniently delivered to your doorstep, you're in for a treat! This post unveils a curated roundup of Creative DIY Gifts for Kids, all conveniently available on the digital shelves of Amazon.

Join me on this virtual adventure through the aisles of Amazon as I uncover a wealth of DIY treasures that cater to various ages, interests, and skill levels. Whether you're a parent seeking engaging activities for your little ones or a gift-giver on the quest for something truly special, this roundup is designed to simplify your search and ignite the spark of creativity in children and teens.
Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links in this post may be affiliate links or ads. There is no additional cost to you, but The Scrap Room will earn a small commission should you choose to purchase through those links. Click here for my full disclaimer. Thank you for your support.
1 - Paint Your Own Moon Lamp Kit
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This Paint Your  Own Moon Lamp Kit includes two painting kits: one for creating a moon lamp and another for crafting space figurines. The set comes with various materials, such as a paintable moon lamp, wood base, apron, paint pots, stamp sticks, gypsum, molding tools, and instructions. Suitable for ages 8-13, it offers a valuable educational and artistic experience. The moon lamp can be personalized with different styles, fostering creativity and providing a bonding opportunity for parents and children. The space figurines kit allows kids to create and display their own gypsum figurines using safe and non-toxic materials. An excellent gift idea for children aged 3-14, promoting artistic expression, fine motor skills, creativity, and self-confidence.
2 - Friendship Bracelet Making Kit
This Friendship Bracelet Making Kit is an easy-to-use DIY bracelet-making kit designed for children aged 8-10. The kit includes step-by-step instructions for creating various bracelet styles, enhancing creativity and fine motor skills. It makes for an excellent birthday gift, and is perfect for birthdays, parties, family game time, travel activities, or just-because gifts. The DIY jewelry-making kit allows girls to create 16 patterned bracelets with unique clasps and 30 fashion-designed stickers for customization. It also serves as a friendship bracelet kit, promoting collaborative play and sharing sweet memories. With a vibrant assortment of colors, patterns, decorative flowers, and beads, this bracelet maker kit is a wonderful purchase that is sure to thrill any daughter or granddaughter.
3 - LEGO DOTS Message Board
The LEGO DOTS Message Board kids' craft kit features 2 16x16 plates, frame and hanger elements, and over 500 tiles in various colors and shapes. The kit includes curved 2x2 elements for creating different font sizes, allowing kids to personalize a bedroom door sign, notice board, or any DOTS room décor piece and accessories. Comes with a leaflet for design inspiration in colorful tiles, fostering inventiveness. Additionally, kids can use the Lots of DOTS Lettering tiles to personalize their message boards or other LEGO sets. This LEGO arts and crafts set serves as a fantastic birthday or anytime gift, providing children with a creative outlet for self-expression.
4 - My First Sewing Kit for Beginner Kids
This embroidery kit is an ideal gift with a reusable and beautiful box, perfect for celebrating joy and fun with friends and family. It includes materials for 6 beginner sewing projects, such as a bag, ornament, pillow, mini card holder, organizer, and mini rainbow, making it great for kids aged 5 and above. The kit provides safe tools, including plastic needles, ensuring child safety during use, and all materials are from reliable sources, meeting safety standards. With easy, no-mess crafting, the pre-punched holes and pre-cut shapes in the fabric, along with clear graphical instructions, make it stress-free for beginners to learn art and craft skills. It's an excellent way to keep children focused on creativity and completing tasks.
5 - Pretty Me Headband Making Kit
This headband-making kit is the ultimate creative outlet, allowing you child to design ten stunning headbands to complement any outfit for various occasions. Whether crafting solo or hosting a headband-making party with friends, the kit encourages you to unleash your creativity by mixing and matching colors, accessories, ribbons, trims, and more. The comprehensive 50+ piece craft kit includes everything you need, from satin headbands and ribbons to faux fur pom poms, flowers, rhinestones, and more. Suitable for all ages, this kit makes for a fun and satisfying project, fascinating children from the moment they open the box. 
6 - Elmer’s Squishies Kids’ Activity Kit
This Elmer's Squishies kids' activity kit includes all the supplies you'll need to make 4 mystery character Elmer's squishy toys. With a total of 80 different mystery characters to collect, including 12 rare possibilities, the kit offers a variety of options for creativity. Elmer's Squishies are designed for squishing, stretching, and scrunching, making ideal fidget toys. The process is quick, taking only 60 minutes to mix, pour, and play with the mystery characters. A Secret Solution refill pack is available for creating more Squishies, and Elmer’s pourable glue allows experimentation for different effects (both sold separately). The kit is safe and nontoxic, suitable for kids aged 6 and up, and includes everything needed: Mystery Molds, Secret Solutions A & B, mixing cups, stir sticks, and Elmer’s glue pens.
7 - Rainbow High Color & Create Fashion DIY Doll
The Color & Create DIY Doll inspires creativity by offering a DIY Rainbow doll experience. The kit includes rainbow washable markers, allowing you to color the doll's hair, outfits, shoes, and scrunchie. The doll serves as a blank canvas, dressed in all white, with a bonus white top, sneakers, and scrunchie for you to color using the included markers. The markers come in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple, offering endless possibilities for custom designs, from simple polka dots to tie-dye looks. If you're not satisfied, the washable markers make it easy to rinse and repeat the coloring process. Once your creation is complete, the doll is ready for imaginative play, inspiring fun stories with other Rainbow High dolls. The washable markers make it convenient to wash and recolor the hair and clothes, allowing for endless creative play.
8 - Sillbird STEM 12-in-1 Education Solar Robot Toy Kit
This robot-building kit offers 12 different types of robots, ranging in complexity from entry level for younger children to advanced level for older kids. Powered by the sun, it eliminates the need for batteries, utilizing a solar power panel to drive the motor and gears. The kit supports STEM education by teaching children about renewable energy sources, fostering manual dexterity, problem-solving skills, logical thinking, self-confidence, and teamwork. With 190 easy-build pieces, it encourages DIY creation, improving imagination and creativity. The kit includes detailed guides for building 12 robot designs from level 1 to level 2, suitable for boys and girls aged 8-10 and older. Made of premium quality, harmless, and non-toxic ABS plastic, this robot-building kit is an ideal gift for birthdays, Children's Day, Christmas, Chanukah, Easter, STEM activities, summer camps, and back-to-school occasions.
9 - Ultimate DIY Slime Kit
This ultimate DIY Slime kit for kids and tween girls is an all-in-one slime making kit that promises hours of entertainment. Packed with over 50 slime supplies, it features 18 vibrant colors of crystal slime, 12 types of glitter, foam beads, fishbowl beads, and more. Renowned as the best-selling slime kit on Amazon since 2019, it's suitable for birthday party favors for kids aged 4-12, making it an ideal gift for 7-12-year-old girls and boys. The kit includes glow-in-the-dark slime, glitter, and various mix-in accessories for creating unique green slime. Perfect for unleashing creativity, developing motor skills, and providing stress relief, this safe and non-toxic slime kit is a great birthday gift for girls and a fun DIY activity for teenagers.

10 - Charm Bracelet Making Kit - Unicorn/Mermaid
This charm bracelet making kit is a delightful and inspiring gift for 6-9 year old girls who enjoy jewelry making. Perfect for birthdays or Christmas, the set includes everything needed to create personalized bracelets and is a hit at parties. The bracelets are made from high-quality, safe alloy materials, ensuring durability and eco-friendliness. Designed for girls aged 5-12, this enthralling jewelry-making kit goes beyond a simple toy, providing a journey into the sparkling world of jewelry design that keeps kids engaged for hours. It promotes creativity, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills, making it an ideal educational craft for girls aged 6 and above. Packaged in a beautifully designed mermaid box, this bracelet kit is a perfect gift for various occasions, offering both fun and educational value.
11 - Clay Beads Bracelet Making Kit for Beginners
This Clay beads bracelet kit provides everything a beginner needs to start creating beautiful bracelets and jewelry, including 4500 flat polymer clay beads, 500 charms (with random letter beads, smile face beads, golden spacer beads, and more), stretchy string, scissors, and tweezers. With step-by-step instructions and videos, it's beginner-friendly, offering a relaxed and enjoyable experience for all skill levels. The beads are made of healthy and environmentally friendly materials, ensuring comfort, durability, and safety for ages 4 and above. With endless creative possibilities from the variety of clay beads and charms, it encourages imaginative expression. This versatile bracelet-making kit makes for a great gift for kids, promoting hand-eye coordination, manual dexterity, and concentration. It's an ideal choice for birthdays, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and more.
12 - Clay Jewelry Bowls Arts and Crafts Kit
This 28-piece do-it-yourself Clay Jewelry Bowl craft kit is designed for kids aged 8 and up.  includes supplies to create three vibrant designer jewelry trinket dishes. The kit includes materials like clay, a silicone bowl mold, cutting tools, a roller, gold metallic paint, and more, along with step-by-step instructions. With nine non-toxic polymer clay colors, kids can mix and match to create unique designs. An adult can assist in baking the dishes at 275 degrees for 15-20 minutes. Ideal for tween and preteen birthday parties, this creative project offers a fun, screen-free activity, allowing girls to make charming jewelry trinket dishes for themselves or as gifts.
13 - 4M Magnetic Mini Tile Art Kit
The magnetic tile art set allows you to create artistic works, attach them to tiles, and apply magnets for hanging on any metal surface. The set includes tiles, magnets, a paint strip, and a brush, providing all the materials needed for this creative project. The resulting tiles can be used as fridge art or safely attached to a locker door for a unique touch. Measuring 2 inches by 2 inches each, these tiles make attractive gifts for friends or family. Recommended for ages 8 and up, this creative kit challenges a child's imagination and is part of the 4M educational toys range, covering a variety of educational subjects, including science kits, arts and crafts kits, robotics kits, and more.
14 - Stained Glass Mandala Art Kit
This Stained Glass Mandala Art kit for adults and teens includes 10 blank window cling vinyls with 10 unique designs, 8 upgraded specialty markers in 8 different colors, and a manual with coloring guides for inspiration. The new fine-tip custom markers ensure a streak-free and vibrant coloring experience. The kit aims to provide a calming, stress-relieving coloring experience, resulting in stunning stained glass-style window clings. The high-quality materials used in the vinyls make them easy to put up, remove, washable, UV-resistant, and durable. The finished window clings can be applied to any glass or mirror surface, creating beautiful suncatchers. This kit is designed to reduce stress and anxiety while offering mental and psychological benefits. It's an ideal gift for craft enthusiasts of all ages, suitable for occasions like Mother’s Day, birthdays, Christmas, and inter-generational bonding.
15 - DIY Wall Collage Picture Arts and Crafts Kit
The Hapinest Wall Collage kit includes 154 cutouts, 66 letter cutouts, 769 stickers, 41 quote stickers, 10 markers, paint-safe double-sided sticky tape, 6 yards of string, 90 foam squares, and instructions. The collage measures approximately 5.5 x 3.5 feet, but you can customize the shape. This DIY project is designed to turn your wall into a masterpiece, offering a chic vibe for your room, whether it's a door, dorm room, or bedroom. The kit features trendy aesthetic designs with various themes and colors, allowing you to mix and match based on your personal style. It includes color-your-own design graphics, inspirational quotes, and fill-in lists for a unique look. Personalize your space by adding letters to spell out your name or a word that inspires you, and incorporate your own photographs using foam spacers for a 3D effect. This Wall Collage kit makes for a creative and self-expressive gift, especially suitable for teen girls for any occasion.
From building robots to designing jewelry, creating unique slime, or crafting beautiful wall collages, these kits offer endless possibilities for fun and learning. Not only do they provide engaging activities, but they also promote skill development, stress relief, and the sheer delight of crafting something special. Whether you're searching for the perfect gift or planning an entertaining project for a rainy day, these creative craft kits for kids are sure to bring smiles and spark a lifelong love for crafting. Happy crafting!