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Be the Hero of your own Adventure
DIY a gift full of love and strength for a little one on your gift list 
by: Lindsay Allyn

Let them know that they can be the hero of their own adventure with this special hand embroidered baby bib gift.

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Amy's mom and my mom were close friends, and sewed together our whole childhood.  I've recently been working on my embroidery skills, so I thought it would be nice to embroider something useful for their new baby.


Now, I've made some before, you can even get a peek at a couple on my tutorial for my handmade, hand embroidered napkins. But I really wanted this gift to be something special. So when I saw this AMAZING 30th anniversary edition of The Princess Bride, I knew baby "S" needed to have a copy, along with a badass hero bib to go with it!!!

This book is absolutely stunning! From cover to cover, it's gift-worthy all on it's own. No bib needed. The illustrations in it, by Michael Manomivibul are just outstanding, and the story (and anecdotal notes) by S. Morgenstern (William Goldman) is timeless. 

But you know me, I like to share things that are handmade with love, so I opened it up in search of inspiration! 

The first picture I came across took my breath away! I knew I'd found my inspiration! I made something a bit different, but the "strong hero" element is definitely there! I decided *this* young girl could be the hero of her own story, so I gave her the full stage,  and a sword of her own!

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​I sketched this design out by hand (after many attempts! lol!) with the invaluable help of a Frixion thermal erasing pen

This was my first time using Frixion erasable pens, but I found them really easy to use, and easy to erase with the help of an iron.  Also, they won't bleed all over like a lot of other pens I've tried, and they claim to not damage the fabric. They write just like a ball point pen! 

Half way through my project, I decided I hated the text I had started with, and erased it completely in seconds. (See my short video of it below. NOT a time lapse. This video is shown in ACTUAL TIME.)
Supplies & Materials

-Blank Terry Cloth bibs (I got mine in BULK on amazon, here and they were really inexpensive!) 😘

-Embroidery floss and appropriate needles (I just used what I had on hand.)

-Printable "Be the Hero of your own Adventure" template (Available in my shop here

-Printer with regular printer paper and ink (for the above template)


-The Princess Bride 30th Anniversary Edition - optional - (This book is AMAZING! Look for my video below for a tiny peek! It's simply stunning! You can pick up a copy on Amazon, here.)

-Frixion thermal erase pens to draw / trace pattern onto the bib (this is what I used, see my video below for demonstration).

How this Adventure Began
I designed this bib for a childhood friend's new baby 

I've seen the Princess Bride a lot. I couldn't even tell you how many times. I'm a fan. It's just one of those great movies that you want to watch over and over again.

I remember watching it with my childhood friends, and we'd recite the lines and even act out small scenes. I'm sure many of you can relate!  

One of my friends I used to watch the movie with was my good friend Amy. When I heard she was expecting her first child, I knew I wanted to create something really special for their family's new addition. I had an idea to get started, but wasn't sure about a design to use.
The bib turned out so cute! I decided afterwards to digitize my "Hero" design and clean her up a little bit so she can be used as a template. You can find her in my shop here

The cleaned up, digitized template of my Be a Hero design comes with nice solid lines, so you can use any of your favorite stitches or colors and follow along! Embroider it on a bib or something else!
Above is a quick video of The Princess Bride book I purchased on Amazon. I got mine on sale -- hopefully it will still be on sale for you too! Make sure you get the HARDCOVER. <3 It really is a beautiful edition! I picked up a second copy for myself the very next day, and my mom even bought one too! It was the perfect add on to my embroidered bib gift!

Okay! Back to making! 

To use the template I made, simply print it out (you may need to resize it for your specific project) and then cut out and trace the pieces onto your fabric using a Frixion pen. I used a black pen on a white surface for this tutorial so you could see the ink clearly. The Terry Cloth was a little tricky to write on. For small detailed spots, like the smaller letters, I make a dotted line, which was much easier to do since the pressure released the ink from the pen better.
You can use whatever types of stitches you're most comfortable with, but I used a combination of the back stitch, running stitch and split stitch for this project. I also used a french knot for the eye, but included a 2nd eye option in the downloadable template.  I spruced up her jacket too, with a simple swirled pattern, which is totally optional, and not included on the printable template, and I used DMC metallic embroidery floss for the sparkly sword.

This simple embroidery project turned out so cute! (If I do say so myself) ;) I know that my friend and their new sweet baby S are going to love reading the beautiful book together, and I hope to see the bib soon covered in spit up and food! <3 

I'd love to see how your bib turns out! Be sure to stop by my Facebook group and share a picture once you've finished!