Miscellaneous Paper Craft Tutorials

Welcome to our Miscellaneous Paper Craft Tutorial page! Click on one of the tutorials below for step-by-step instructions.

We love your input, so be sure and tell us what kind of crafts you'd like to see more of! Email us your craft project requests at crafts@The-Scrap-Room.com 

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The Scrap Room
Miscellaneous Paper Crafts
Letterboxing / Sketch Mini Books
(Great for paper AND Binding scraps!!!)
Whether you're into letterboxing or you just want some tiny pads to practice your sketches or literary skills, these little books are perfect -- and very easy to make! 

Quick Custom Sized Box
Who needs wrapping paper when the gift box is this adorable? Just add some ribbon and a tag and this gift wrap is ready to go!

Small Box Printable Template
Use this template to create your own small gift box out of cardstock!

Ways To Use Your Scraps (part 2)
Waste not, Want not! This week's tutorial is all about ways you can use up your leftover paper scraps, so I hope you've been saving them!

Recycled Paper Flower Pots
You are going to LOVE how easy these are, and the best part is, you can use any sized paper scraps! So if you're like me, and save a bin full of those teeeny tiiiny scraps, or even just have a lot of larger scraps you want to use up, this is the perfect project!

Ways to Use Your Scraps
I hope you've been saving your leftovers because this week our tutorial is full of great ways to use them! Don't save your scraps? You should start! It's a great way to reduce waste and save some money!

Seeded Valentine's Day Cards
Plant a little love this Valentine's Day with these fun seeded Valentine's Day cards!
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