Planning for the month is important, but you'll also need something to help you get organized for the holiday itself. Here is a 2 page printable planner set that I put together just for the occasion! It has room to budget and plan for cards and gifts for all of your favorite Valentines. Keep track of who you'd like to share some love with, organize your DIY gift plans, and keep track of your spending!

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Ultimate Valentine's Day DIY Guide
Everything you'll need to get organized and ready for a lovely Valentine's Day! 
by: Lindsay Allyn

​Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and LOVE is in the air! I put this page together to help you get ready for the day. From planner printables to games, Valentine cards, handmade gift ideas, and even some FREEBIES, I've got you covered! 

You might want to SAVE THIS PAGE for later -- it has a lot of great ideas, and things that are fun for all ages, so you may want to come back to it down the road. I'll post a Pinnable image below that you can save right to your Pinterest account (you'll need to be logged in to Pinterest to be able to do this) to make it easy!
Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links in this post may be affiliate links or ads. There is no additional cost to you, but The Scrap Room will earn a small commission should you choose to purchase through those links. Click here for my full disclaimer. Thank you for your support.

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Thanks so much for joining this group! My name is Lindsay and I started this group for people who use, or want to use, digital designs in their craft...
First off, let's start with a FREE SUBSCRIBER PERK - 'cause who doesn't love a good freebie?! This one will help keep you organized this month too! It's a set of pages taken from my Valentines Special Edition of my Doodle Planner series. You can find the full set in my shop here. The free set includes 2 free pages from the full bundle, and is designed to be mixed-and-matched with other pages found around my website and in my shop. The entire set includes 25 pages, all filled with cute Valentine doodles for you to color in. It also includes some more layouts, like habit trackers and monthly calendars. Click here to sign up for the free 2 page sample! You'll get it, and all my latest news and updates sent right to your inbox!
If you need some more planner templates, check out my latest "Love" themed set here. It's from my new "Templates" line and doesn't have any text at all -- just lots of different layouts that you can use any way you want! There are heart doodles on every page that you can color in, so it's a great way combine the practicality of planning, with the fun of coloring! 

If you didn't already, be sure to download the FREE Valentine's Day Prep worksheets above, they'll help a lot with this next part! The VALENTINES! Whether you're looking to make some cards, gifts or BOTH, I've got you covered! Below is a collection of some of my very favorite Valentine's day DIYs!

Handmade Cards, Gifts & More
Scratch Ticket Valentines (plus tutorial)

This scratch ticket project is fun to MAKE and to SCRATCH, and there's a good chance you already have everything you need to create your own set, right at home! 

If you're on my email list, you can even score a free printable card template! Get all the details here, and then make some lottery style cards to share with your friends, classmates or coworkers! There's an easy math design, plus a "fill-in-the-blank" design, so you can create your own custom prizes or messages!

Digital Designs for DIY Gifts

We've come a long way since the electronic cutting machines that worked only with cartridges! Thank goodness, right? I don't know about you, but I DON'T MISS the days you had to purchase a $20 cartridge just to get the ONE cut file you *really* wanted. Nowadays most machines use digital files that you can easily purchase online! You can use these designs to make all kinds of amazing handmade gifts like vinyl crafts, sublimation crafts, printable wall art, custom shirts, hats, bags, and much much more! I've posted a handful of my VERY FAVORITE Valentine designs below (and above) to inspire your next project. Just click on a picture for more info about the specific design.

>CRAFTER MYTH: If you find an image through a search on the internet, it's okay to copy and use for "personal use." 

This is in fact NOT TRUE. A lot of people seem to think it's okay, but it is not. It's stealing. Please don't be this person. Designers put a lot of work into their art, and marketing their work, and they own the copy-write on graphics they've created. Please make sure that you get your digital designs from the designer or an authorized seller. <3 

Easy Bird Seed Valentine Feeders

This project is really easy to throw together, and is so perfect if you're on a budget! You can make a dozen of these little feeders for about $5 in supplies and 10 minutes of your time! Customize this project with some festive dried berries like cherries or cranberries to add an extra pop of RED for your Valentines!

Unicorn Brainteaser Valentines

This set comes with 8 unique double-sided card designs that you can print out as many times as you need! Lots of fun to share with classmates, coworkers or friends! You can learn more about this Valentine set here.

Happy Valentine's Day beautiful!

This printable card is simple but elegant. Print it out and share it with your beautiful Valentine! Fits a standard A2 sized envelope. (Not included) Click here for a closer look!

Happy Valentine's Day Handsome

We've not forgotten your *handsome* Valentine -- here's the matching card for the "Beautiful" card above! Download your copy instantly to share with your handsome Valentine!

Valentine Activity Book

This Valentine Activity Book is available for purchase on Amazon, but you can also purchase a digital copy in my shop and print it out right on your home printer! It includes 60 fun pages for kids to enjoy,  with coloring pages, mazes, Valentine's Day remembering card game, and all different fun puzzles and activity pages -- all decorated with adorable Valentine Gnome Doodles. All pages are black and white, with coloring that can be done on every page, even the puzzle pages. A perfect activity for your littles to enjoy!

Springtime Sachets

These adorable bunny sachets are so easy, and so inexpensive!) to make -- you might even already have all the supplies on hand!  Download the free template for this project here, and then go make them for all your favorite Valentines! They don't take a lot of time, look cute, and smell lovely!
Handmade and Embroidered Napkins

Whether you're on a budget or not, these sweet napkins will be *PERFECT* to share with the all the special Valentines in your life! This tutorial will walk you through making the napkins, plus give you tips on how you can customize your napkins by decorating them with embroidered designs and/or monogramming them! This was one of my FIRST EMBROIDERY PROJECTS, so if even if you've NEVER embroidered or sewn before, give this project a go! Your friends will love your thoughtfulness and the personal touch, and they'll have a special keepsake, handmade by you! Ready to get started???

Wine Bottle Vase & Flowers

Flowers can be SO expensive! If you're on a budget, you're going to love this upcycle project! Create a small vase using an old wine bottle and an inexpensive, easy to use tool! Fill your vase with inexpensive flowers, fake or real. You can even fill it with flowers from your garden if you're lucky enough to have some this early in the year!

Warning: This tutorial will inspire you to start saving *ALL* of your empty wine bottles. Craft Hoarders beware. ;)
Fairy Friends Printable Valentine Set

This set is perfect to share with all your fairy loving friends! It comes with 6 different designs that are all ready to COLOR IN! Share them as a finished masterpiece or give them blank for the recipient to enjoy! Click here to take a closer look!

Handmade Gift Tutorials
Eco Friendly Re-Usable Face Wipes

These makeup remover face wipes are easy to make, eco friendly, and you can make them with whatever fabric you like! Make a stack of them to share with your friends and help them have a more GREEN Valentine's Day! Click here for the tutorial!

Wooden Tile Pendants

These adorable little pendants make great necklaces, wine glass markers, key chains and more! They are so so easy to customize and don't take very long to make. And all those *favorite* tiny paper scraps from previous projects that you just couldn't bring yourself to throw away? THIS is your project!
Valentine's Day Coloring Cards

This bundle of 7 different card templates is great for gifting to people who enjoy coloring. Designed for print and cut on compatible PNG machines, this set of cards was designed to hold 2 standard size crayons per card, and can be resized to fit larger crayons easily. Great for passing out to fellow students in school, friends and family!
Thanks so much for stopping by my page! I hope you found lots of helpful projects, digital downloads and ideas! If you did, be sure to save the page by bookmarking it or saving it on Pinterest so it's easy for you to find later -- I've added a few pinnable images below so it'll only take you a few clicks to save it to your favorite board.  I've also added an easy-share Facebook button below if you'd like to share the page with your friends! 

Valentine's Day Bingo

Here's a fun game to play with your kids! Valentine's Day Bingo!
This Valentine Bingo set with color in style bingo boards includes 32 different player cards (perfect for the classroom and larger groups), 3 different "caller" card options: 1 that can be cut up and pieces drawn from a bag or hat, 1 you could laminate and use with a dry erase marker, or mark out with a pencil, etc, and 1 set of printable cards (approx 2.5" x 3"). There is also 2 pages of player pieces to cover squares as they're called - one in black and white, and one in red and white. Download instantly and play this game today!